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I wish that was the problem. You can easily see the difference in stitching when comparing both shoes =(.
Guys, I have a problem and need your advice!    I picked up a pair of trail oxfords this past fall and immediately loved them. Breaking them in was an experience, but after wearing them for a few weeks, things were smooth; however, after wearing them for a few hours, I would experience pain in my right foot. Upon further inspection, I noticed the upper on the right shoe was skewed relative to the sole. The shoe's heel is shifted to the left while the toe box area points...
Wore my new vibram trail oxfords for the first time yesterday and I love them! There's just one thing..    There are a couple of tiny thread endings on the inside that are poking the shit out of my foot haha. I was wondering if A. anyone else has had this experience? If so, what did you do? and B. would trying to cut these or remove them somehow affect the integrity of the the shoe?    Thanks, guys! Oak Street Bootmakers FTW
I am really interested in these Vnecks just not sure about the sizing. Anybody know if the online store and brick & mortar store stocks are the same?   I'll be moving back to the city tomorrow and would love to see the size of these in person.
  Thanks for the help guys!    So I'll probably go with the 12 and all there's left to do is decide exactly what I want lol. Does anyone know if there is something online where I can see the all the options for a MTO ranger moc? 
Hit the reply button without finishing my post, sorry. So going true to size, and it was the brannock device, should work with or without socks?
@Michigan Planner I like the sockless look but I don't like the feel. Well, I've actually never tried it in shoes like these but I plan on using those loafer socks to get the sockless look without actually being sockless.
New to styleforum so.....Hi!   Anyways, I've been looking into ordering a pair of ranger mocs but I have a few questions I was hoping the fine gentlemen of styleforum could help me with. I was sized at taylor stitch here in SF and was measured right at a size 12 and was advised to size down half a size to account for stretching of the leather. From your experience does this seem about right?   This might be a bit of a "noob" question but what are the biggest...
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