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Great posts!     I'm sure most here know of this book, but for those who don't it is one of the BEST books on the art/craft of handmade shoes.  It takes the reader through the entire process from building the last to choosing the leather to building the welt, etc.     http://www.amazon.com/Handmade-Shoes-Men-Lazlo-Vass/dp/3833160454
Hi All,   My shoe rotation is mostly Alden and custom bench pieces (double monks, dress shoes).  However, I have very few sneakers or street shoes.  Last year I broke my back and fortunately after months of physical therapy I am walking again (literally). I plan on traveling a lot over the next few years because I realize more than ever how important it is to experience life.  I will be in New York frequently and also Europe, thus lots of walking on streets and...
Finn Comfort Shoes.  Especially the York style (unfortunately, it is very difficult to get the York in Black in the US).     http://www.finncomfort.com/collections/mens.aspx   Many other brands to choose from.  These are just my current walkers in the hospital.
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