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I didn't know you could get Carminas here in Mexico? Where do they sell them? I would like to try them on so I can order online lol
I own several Brooks Brothers pants and size is not always accurate, I buy size 32 and most of the time they measure 33 inches and sometimes 32. Most of my jeans are size 30, so sizes are not really something to depend on much. I tailor my pants to a 32 waist, in my experience, the only pants that have an accurate size are italian made.
Does anybody know if the 40% works on already discounted merchandise?
My order was finally shipped today, i didn't get an email notification from brooks though, I checked the status online.
How does brooks brothers usually take to process and ship an other? I placed my order on Saturday and it hasn't been shipped yet. I called this afternoon and they told me that it would probably ship tomorrow or Friday.
Sometimes the tailor removes the extra material depending on how much it is. I have taken in the waist of a few pants some have the extra material cut and some are still the same.
I live in a place in Mexico where practically there's not winter and I wear my Daltons all time, I don't feel they are too warm so I wear them regularly. We have 38 C temperatures during the summer and right now it's about 30 C at mid day.
Hi, I see that you have international shipping, could you tell me what carrier you use to ship to Mexico please?
Do you have pictures of the trousers?
I'm interested in polo daltons, if there are any available I would take you on your offer to proxy.
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