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I just ordered a pair of wolverine Addison boots off Amazon, I think the look is great, I just hope they fit me properly, I ordered half a size down.
Shark skin cap toe boot
New boots with shark skin cap
This is my new acquisition. Cuadra brogue boots
 The look nice, but they're not quite the same. Thanks, I'll look into it, I really like this style of boots. And yes, they are Stacy Adams.
These are not SF approved, but they look really nice. I wish the leather and construction were better. Do any of you know if there are any boots like these from a reputable maker?
I didn't know you could get Carminas here in Mexico? Where do they sell them? I would like to try them on so I can order online lol
I own several Brooks Brothers pants and size is not always accurate, I buy size 32 and most of the time they measure 33 inches and sometimes 32. Most of my jeans are size 30, so sizes are not really something to depend on much. I tailor my pants to a 32 waist, in my experience, the only pants that have an accurate size are italian made.
Does anybody know if the 40% works on already discounted merchandise?
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