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I have used www.houseofbespoke.com.  You can actually order them any where as you can enter your measurements online.   They have a self measuring process.  I am waiting for my 3rd suit.
I love this 
"I'm always suspicious of these things. Online suit companies, with anonymous email or webform contact only, usually with some kind of Groupon thing going on. They seem to turn up every few weeks on SF MC.....Harry Suits, Executive Tailors and now House of Bespoke.     Send their customer service and email and see if they responded.  I know House of Bespoke has an office in New York and 1 in DC.  When I called their customer services was based out of New York.
Agreed with that last 3 comments
This Groupon offer is legit and actually amazing for House of Bespoke!  I bought one of their $598 and I could not have been happier with the fabric quality and most important the fit.   I have actually done both House Of Bespoke and Indochino.   There is a significant difference.  I did House of Bespoke first and did the self measure process and was pretty nervous to see how it would come out.  (this was a gift from my wife so I had to try it)  Surprisingly it went...
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