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Hi   Does anyone have the Formal Pants in navy? I've been thinking about those but am currently around 31" in waist in jeans.    Is there any material that can be let out at the back on a 30"? Or if going for a 32" size, is it easy on the back to take the material in? I'd most probably would need to alter one way or other.   Many thanks.   I'll be letting go of my FW2012 crazy Mallory jacket for reasonable compensation as having slimmed a bit it's just too big and...
+1. The sleeves, shoulder and overall fit look great to me. It feels awkward for me if my sleeves come near the joint of the thumb and index finger and prefer the length as in the picture (even a bit shorter than that as I could wear gloves). Also prefer a slim fit like yours in the picture.If you plan to exercise and move your arms a lot then I understand that the tight arm pit might feel awkward but I like the look of the fit. Like BLAUGRANA said, if the arm pit now...
Hi I've been unsuccessfully trying to find out what the difference between a Classic Mallory and a Mallory tweed jacket is, if any. Stoy-munkholm.com has priced the Mallory tweed jacket a bit lower. Is it just that those are previous season's models or is it the color, or is a classic Mallory heavier tweed? I'm trying to find one which could be worn even under -10 C in the winter with some layering. Thanks.
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