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Just received my shoes this morning!   2 weeks ago, I made a last minute request for Meermin to change my black wholecuts to a captoe, and told him I'd need them by this weekend.    Here they are!   Hiro Double Monks and Hiro Cap Toes. Compared to my Carmina Simpson Cap Toes.             There are a few imperfections on the shoes, and I can see why some SF members would demand an exchange. For me, it just isn't worth the hassle, and...
  I'm pretty OCD and I like to have matching shoe trees with the brand stamped on them, luckily I'm in the EU this year. Let's me avoid VAT with a Canadian credit card and I don't get charged duties/brokerage fees either.   For the people who also ordered the monks, did your invoice list them as "oxford marron" as well? Just hoping there wasn't a mix up because I've spent so long waiting for them. They're supposed to be here Monday/Tuesday 
  I emailed them after and got them to add trees to my invoice. It has caused issues with customs from people outside the EU, so you might be better off just getting a generic set.
  I ordered Jan 23, they sent me notification that my order was ready last Monday, paid Tuesday and now waiting for them to ship.   There is a language/cultural barrier, so you have to take that into account in their responses. I would be pretty taken aback by that response as well, but I don't think they're intentionally sounding rude.
That's not quite what I was describing. What I meant, was that Meermin is manufacturing a standard set of shoes based on demand that they can gauge from online orders, but limit the rate of production to keep their assets in cash rather than inventory and facilities, which decreases their working capital. Offering MTO without additional charge would increase working capital, and wouldn't be sensible for such a small operation. Another benefit of limiting their rate of...
  In my opinion, it's actually good business practice for a small family owned business.   To me, it seems Meermin uses online orders to allocate production at their factories to certain models and sizes. When the shoes are finished, they allocate them to the appropriate orders and request payment. Once they receive payment, they can fulfil an order. If an order is not paid for, Meermin can allocate the shoes to the next order and adjust production at the factory, taking...
Damn, that sucks man. I should tell my gf so she'll let me stock up before we move back to Vancouver. 
Funny, soon after I posted here they sent me an invoice request. Looks like I'll be getting my monks after all!
At least you've been getting replies. I placed my order over a month ago and I've yet to hear anything back from them, despite emailing to add shoe trees and inquire on the status of my order. I'll be cancelling, and it's a shame because their double monks look incredible for the price.
Tweed? He might get mistaken for the professor. 
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