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Well, if you think are ugly I just can say it's a matter of taste, but I can't agree paisley are for old men. Ties are not shoes, so guess every man who like dressing up, combining patterns, fabrics, style, own many ties, so I can't imagine myself without some paisley tie, especially as I said, those with big drawing. Is that tie I've posted for old men?? I don't think so and well, have you noticed old men dress better than younger ones?
I was wondering who made this tie. I'm getting more into paisley ties lately, especially those big which take the whole tie.   I've already found something very nice from Barbera, but well, just curios to know now what tie is in that photo. Anybody  have ideas?      
When I've to buy a pair of chinos falling in love with the color and I turn the chinos back I'm always disappointed if I find the flap pockets and the same happen with flat pockets I prefer much more the rear pockers with buttons. The point is I'm a couple of seasons after a particular color which I like very much, but I can't find it in my prefered version, while I've noticed is easier to find it with flap pockets; ( probably cause are not sold out as...
I like a lot your writing style. A pleasure to read your pieces
Thank you very much, you're my savior, grazie, gracias
Hi, Anybody know where could I find this tie? I guess  it comes from The Armoury, but I'm not sure and I didn't find it in their shop. I'm googleing words like grenadine, woven, solid, knit but I can't find this particular type which I'd love to get      
What about this one? I'm addicted to these kind of winter jackets. I like it and when is not so cold you can take even the vest off. Btw, this is not my favourit one. Giving an attentive look, purists would agree with me                                    
New Posts  All Forums: