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haha you're still a douche lolol
Ignore the psycho who complains about knock offs but yet doesn't take action to report it. No point in complaining and attacking you when he won't take action against Parnis' borderline infringements to the "patent offices". All you were doing was asking a simple question. Clearly a hypocrite. Buy what you like until it's formally declared that buying this product is an offense.
Wow you're definitely someone who wears his social status bc that's the only way you can satisfy your superiority complex. It's always someone who lacks something who makes up with materialism and expensive things for a sense of brand affiliation. How about you shut your trap because wherever you are at this point in your life that allows you criticize people for buying what they can only afford, might one day be gone. Your flossy ass attitude sure doesn't pair well with...
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