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Does anyone have any thoughts about oxfords (any brand) that would fit well if a size 8.5 shoe on the Rui last is about the narrowest width and lowest instep that's wearable? My best fitting pair of shoes are 9.5 (US) Santoni Jensens, but they're too long (the toe cap is creased).   Am I basically looking at wide Aldens or Allen Edmonds or what?
Is there any way to get a sense of what vintage cufflinks are worth? I have seen some cufflinks I'd be willing to buy for listed prices ($300-500 above melt value), but I don't know how much give the seller might have. The links I'm looking at are from Carrington & Co. and Wordley, Allsopp & Bliss.
  You can get a design patent for some fashion designs. This wouldn't protect the last, but it could protect the non-functional aspects of the shoe.   Here's the first article I found explaining this:
It's worth noting that you can use a promotion code ("X1FUS") to get 20% off your first purchase from UrbanDaddy, which makes the deal substantially better ($80 for $150 in credit).
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