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super BOOM! :) 
absolutely love the suit and the shirt Crat! :) ...may I ask who they are from?
Hi, I'm trying to identify the fabric of this beautiful suit.  Can anyone help me either identify it or the best way to describe this type of fabric/suit? Colorwise - is this what one calls "Oxford grey"?  Probably newbie questions, but trying to educate myself ;)   Hoping this is the right place for this question.. Thanks in advance :)    
just ordered my first 4 grenadines in fina, will post a review as soon as I get them.
+1 :)
Love your Pam, although they've already killed half of my shirts ;)
Hello, don't know if this is the right place for this newbie question, if not - my apologies. I'm trying to know what type of fabric this suit is made of? and color would be described as mid-grey i guess? I really like both the fabric and the color and would like to know what it is and where I could find something similar. Thanks in advance a lot for your help!  
Derek: I LOVE your suit! is it Isaia? Charcoal? 
Hi guys, when you mention the Hober Grenadines, do you typically refer to which of his models, ie  grossa solid, fina solid, promoteo or piccola model? Thanks! 
thanks, is this the thread you are referring to?
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