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I'm looking to purchase a few Borrelli shirts, with a slim fit. can someone help me understand if, compared to standard brands, Borrelli fits are typically already considered slim for their regular line? or should I only go for their "slim" category? thanks :)
from the thread here I understand the Napoli fit is their more classic/regular one... is it still relatively speaking (compared to other brands) a "slim" fit? or is it really a regular fit? I'm confused and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)
that tie is just gorgeous Kappelan!
absolutely beautiful :)
hi guys, sporting this today...  
wearing this today...  
thanks  :)
hi Sugarbutch, love this suit! (and the tie)
thanks for your help. Not I won't ride a bike with it. So should it just finish where the wrist meets the hand? not sure how to compare with shirt sleeve...
Hi all,   I'm getting an Aero Leather Ace Cafe Racer and I'm discussing sleeve length with them. I am wondering where the ideal sleeve should end for such a leather jacket? exactly where the wrist meets the hand? longer? shorter?   I'd appreciate any advice you have for me. Thank you :) Manu
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