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again, thank you so much guys, really appreciate all this help! The Partenopea seller (pro) says the following about the new with tags suit he's selling: "This high end suit is made with a very fine linen treated to be wrinkle free"   never heard that linen could be this even possible?
Thanks a lot guys !
Hi gents,   I'm looking for some advice on choosing a summer suit in linen... I am currently hesitating between a 50% cotton / 50% linen suit from Zegna and one that is 100% linen from Partenopea... I like the fabric of the Partenopea better (visually), but since it is 100% linen, I was wondering if it will crease much more than the blend from Zegna or only marginally more? or is the Zegna a much safer bet to not look like a mess after just a few...
What about Zegna Couture? Same as TF and RLPL?
Agree with Jeff re his recommended changes
absolutely wonderful jacket you have there Sir! may I ask who made it?
I'd support moving up Zegna Couture up a is superb, fit as well although I'm not an expert....anyone else?
does anyone know the answer to this question? thanks guys :)
ordered a few grenadines a week ago...your chocolate grenadine photo is beautiful, love it! :)
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