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thank you msulinski...   Would you know how the construction of a La Spalla suit rates vs other fully canvassed suits?
anyone maybe on the La Spalla question? thank you :)
I am considering a La Spalla (formerly known as Jort) suit... can anyone educate me on their quality? how are the fabrics? also, any info on fit would be great. Have read everything about them on suitsupply's website so at this point I'm interested in "real life" experience with that suit model.   PS: I'm aware of the particular shoulder construction, which is fine by me.    many thanks :)
would you put it in the "GOOD" category? (the half canvassed models have been put in the "satisfactory" bracket)
where would the SuitSupply "La Spalla", ie fully canvassed suit with better fabrics go? into the higher "Good" category?
I ordered a Napoli suit in linen in my recommended size 48...trousers fit is perfect, jacket as well EXCEPT sleeves length.I need about 1.5 inches more.Just called customer service (very nice) and they recommended that I return the suit and get the Long version ie size 94.But won't the jacket length be too long then?Just I just let out the 1.5 inches (if there is enough fabric) and add 1 or 2 buttons more or get the size 94?Thanks for your advice
Hi gents, I am fortunate enough to just have received my ace cafe racer from Aero today. Absolutely love it and fit is great. I used the search function here but didn't find an answer to my Q...I was wondering if I should protect it with wet-proofing spray before wearing it the first time? Or is it not necessary/would stain it? Many thanks in advance
Redboat is correct
I am learning at almost every post in this thread, it is just fascinating. Thank you everyone for making this one so interesting and educational.
the english spread is the one of the right, am I correct? thanks
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