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hi gents, may I ask your expert advice re shoulder width fit? I typically have 19" as shoulder width for shirts but this new Jort (La Spalla) suit comes with a 17.7 inches (45cm) shoulder width. I just got the suit this morning and fit "feels" right as far as I'm concerned...i don't feel constricted or anything...however, I'm concerned that a fit with shoulder width might only come later and because this is the one thing that cannot be changed, I'd rather be sure...
I don't think that is accurate. I lost 45 pounds in the past 5 months and went from a 46 to a 40, the difference in shoulders being pretty important between these 2... This means *something* must have happened between between my 2 shoulders ;)
that is very kind of you, thank you.   I will take you up on your offer when I come during the summer!
thanks, great post. I'm surprised he told you he can only do 2 suits a month (@ 1K a pop) do you make a living and have such a nice boutique (saw their web site) with 2 suits made per month??? I'm planning a trip in Naples and would consider them but not at a pace of 2 suits/month, they'd probably have a huge backlog.
fantastic read...this thread keeps on getting better (minus the asian location off-topic). Thank you Sir.
completely agree. Others do this very well and I think they'd dilute their brand. Better to work on strengthening what they do best. Has worked pretty well for them so far.
same here
correct. It is not a homage watch, simply a fake. Why? because a homage would not indicate the brand name, it would have a non-branded dial, case back, etc. Surprised this listing is allowed.
Hi, I'm looking for a linen/wool blend summer suit preferably in light brown, but would also consider brown and khaki colors. My typical size is 40 US / 50 EU. Half or full canvas only.   If you have something for me, please PM me :) thank you!
Honestly, it looks good on you, nothing that shocks me...
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