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Hi, looking to buy a 100% cashmere quality overcoat in size 38US/48IT, bottom above knees, single-breasted. Preferably 2 buttons or 3 roll 2. Color: dark blue Please PM me if you have anything, thanks!
most bleaches are basic not acidic. But the result ends up being the same.
thank you for sharing, that was a good read.
thanks a lot guys :)
Gents, can anyone recommend a good alterations tailor in the North Jersey area? (if possible Morris County) Thanks in advance! :)
question guys: I ordered my first SuitSupply shirts. Fit is perfect except for sleeves, they are too short for me by about 1 inch (I'm 6.1 feet). The problem is the version L (long) has sleeves that are 2.3 inches longer, which I'd think would be too much for me. so my question is this: can a suitsupply alterations guy shorten the sleeves?
I love this community :) thanks again guys, have a great week end
Thanks guys, much appreciated!
is this picture better? can you guys confirm that shoulder width looks fine? (the wrinkles at the shoulder head are normal, that's part of la spalla construction)... thanks again :)
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