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Pre-production models from C.I. Jeans in Columbia to manufacture Levis jeans in their plant for Levi's (they also do Wrangler, Lucky Brand and others). Specifically these are 505 straight leg models. Likely made there, signed off on by inspector and sent to Levi's for approval.  A proto-type of sorts. 
oops. didnt mean to post anything here
Lurking still and learning lots. Got a thrift fit here.    Pendleton Red Watch Kilt (or skirt), Guinness Beer T-shirt and Ornella Cashmere Cap.    Happy St Pats Day    
Just a guess, those are Levi model 565 wide leg. 65% Cotton 35% fortrel poly?  I think somewhere inside it mentions they have a "Skoosh" more room .... for men. From early 80's
Cool day for me as far as shirts. Not as brag worthy as previous posts but after a bad week this is good ebay fodder for 1/2 the shirts and the other half fit  Brooks rugby, Brooks 346, RRL Flannel on top row.  Tommy Bahamas on bottom     Skeets x 3      Reyn Spooners x 2
 I'm with ATLnoob. Keep it and wear with pleasure. I mow the yard in a Zegna t shirt that is real but before I realized it was $150 retail. I bought it before I knew labels and was purchased simply cause it looked cool. Got it for a few bucks, is comfy and still looks good. Why would you trash anything that you like and if it fits. No one on the street would know the difference anyhow. 
 Heheh.  I swear I have seen some good prices on like used tube socks and undies. Have actually contemplated listing some on my alternate account. Just can't seem to cross that line:I have worked out the basic description:  "Pre-enjoyed all cotton briefs. Fabric has light wear from ball dangle, but not worn through yet. Most post-coital dribble has been washed clean. Although we try our best, there may be hairs that have worked there way into the weave. Happy bidding"
was there a wad in there too?
 The brand is not mentioned. It says, "handwash in plain water, no chemicals, low heat iron. These jeans have been specially dyed with finest indigo. Turn inside out before washing. Hand loomed in traditional American process. Best Japanese denim made using child labor in Bangladesh" 
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