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Authenticity check?
Sorry to bump but is this find worthy of a brag (Tom Ford era?)
Is this the Gucci I'm looking for? [[SPOILER]]
Thought you guys might like this: Size 8 D tried on maybe once. [[SPOILER]]
Worthy of brags?   [[SPOILER]] Can anyone vouch about the authenticity of these- [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]   Ferragamo [[SPOILER]] Anyone got info on the following - No size or material tags [[SPOILER]]
Thought I'd throw some brags in:   [[SPOILER]]
Ermenegildo Zegna DB suit [[SPOILER]] Can anyone verify the authenticity of this shirt? [[SPOILER]]
Picked up 3 shirts     Ascot Chang - interesting button on the collar.   Canali and Ascot Chang are available. Both are french cuff, extremely good condition. I can get measurements if anyone is interested, other wise they are going back to the store. Looks like the donor had shorter arms as they didn't reach my wrist bone.
Styleforum doesn't like to post my replies some times =/   Orvis Navy Jacket, Tagged 42L, 3 Button, single vent. Available and can get measurements if anyone is interested.   Faconnable shirt tagged M fits more like a small. MOP buttons. Available.    
Thanks for the input Spoo! Quote:   Went out today for a bit and got the following: Polo RL Hiking pants? Mint condition must have never been worn.     Chaps RL - Polyester but I liked the design and colour   Some pocket squares:   Samuelson trousers - mint hardly worn if ever.    
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