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Contact unipair. They carry a few models and I recall hearing it for similar to rain. Might be more room in toebox at least in comparison pics, but unipair would know best.
Doesn't hurt to ask Steve to pass on the inquiry. I don't have any doubt carmina could do it, but it's ultimately up to them as this would probably be a new pattern. Carmina does a good job in terms of new designs and there's a chance it could come to fruition.
How do they fit, narrow, medium? Did you go true to size?I know silvano sasetti is a very good maker but doesn't get much love here. Might be tempted.
In that case, might as well throw my hat into the ring.Looking for a proxy for westminsters or galways in 7.5 UK E width.
Beautiful last, but narrow.  I really wish they would make a wider width simpson like they made a narrower rain last.
Hi @Leaves Do you happen more pictures of sample swatches of Bonafe calf and suede?
Not sure if it's possible unless top drawer. That galways looks to be built on the 888 last. Brooks brothers carries doak/mink suede on 82 last.
Black is about the only color that would give a sufficient dark contrast to the bronze, which appears olive or green/brown. Walnut country calf would be more subtle, but that's a stylistic choice. I can't recall if any other EG material that is lighter would work.
It helps with the sizing due to last differences between makers. Dropping that much money, at least you want to have some assurance regarding fit. Edit: You would still go through BB for their unique design and makeups, a lot of BB's models can't be found on the C and J website or stores.
Other option is to blend your own coffee. It is an art in of itself. SO is easier and more consistent. A blend will vary but give you a chance to balance or complement flavors. I really liked Johnson brothers twisted blend. That reminds me I need to pick it up once I run out of my current bag.
New Posts  All Forums: