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  Would like more details on Primo please!
Thanks all, made a purchase from Nick.  Crossing my fingers these work out.  
Quick sizing advice help. I wear an E width on EG 888 snug but comfortable. How does the MH71 E width toe box and forefoot width fit in relation to EG 888 in the same size?
I wasn't thrilled with the brown museum calf. I like this plum museum calf. Crossing my fingers there's enough interested parties for a rerun.
For reference again. A young designer named Paula Gerbase was hired to modernize the brand. You can google it. I personally seen to think JL has moved to compete directly against Berluti. One cannot deny Berluti shoes are eye catching and unique, whether or not in good taste through a classical lens is another matter.
Decor is nice and high end. Top level is clothing with Isaia, corneliani, shoes from Harry's of London, and Fratelli Rosetti. There's a barbershop downstairs. They also have a nice espresso machine and a small bar. I assume it is for their regular high spenders. I picked up an eidos shirt and a scarf last time I was in. The associates are nice enough. One of the better menswear store in Massachusetts.
I might need to stop by mr sids and check out spring drops. Btw, for the New Yorkers, I checked out the 59th street bloomingdales events. Antonio will be there on March 12th for fittings.
Yay for people who need wide widths.
Hey, it happens and even to larger retailers.
Anyway we can sneak in some short sizes or preorders?
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