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I fault that to needing content and generating page hits more than anything. Technical analysis in a vacuum is probably not very useful. If framed with fundamental analysis, it tends to be less bullshit. I tend to view technical analysis as one tool out of many that can be handy to be aware of because even though it may seem like bullshit, it's likely programmed into the automated algorithms that make trading decisions. A chart can also give a reference point of how...
What are your thighs measuring out to? My glutes and thighs are sizable from weight training, so I get what you mean. I need a 24 inch thigh width to work comfortably. If you want to stay with j crew. You could try their Bowery pants regular fit. Brooks brothers Milano is a good chino to try. A bit slimmer than the Bowery pant from j crew.
Well to be fair, I did close the classified for awhile. I fall in and out of love with cordovan. Sometimes I think it's the best thing ever and sometimes I believe calf is better.
You wouldn't really see the speed hooks, unless you were high watering your pants. The plus is speed hooks will decrease the time to get on boots. Flip side is your trousers can catch. I am tempted to get the Bal boots.
 Carmina Polo Suede is cinnamon/reddish brown.  EG Coffee Suede is a mid brown.  I would dig through the gallery on the thread for the carmina polo suede chukka and the EG Shankllin for comparison pic.
Hi,   Up for sale is a Brunello Cucinelli Thermore Insulated Trucker Jacket up for sale.   Bought it from a fellow forum member, gambled on the size and didn't work for me.  Letting it go @ cost.  PP fees and shipping included   My best guess of size is small or a 48?   Didn't get the hanger, not included in the sale.   Original Listing Details.   A beautiful grey 95% wool/5% cashmere flannel. Thermore filled, BC hardware, all the details you see in Cucinelli...
You mean living life? And not having the boots behind a glass case or taken out for shoe selfies?To be fair shells ruggedness is offset by the sometimes uneven splotchy finish when it ages and the dye wears down.
Leaves, In the mean time are we free to do single MTOs or stock pulls of EG, while this this being worked out or is that frozen?
Anything in 50S over there? Or any notable outerwear?
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