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Very tempted. By chance would you have pictures leather swatches available for the by request fair?
 M is about a Size 50 with +2 or -2 for each size above or below.  I tried it on last week and was very close to buying it, but I also have 2 hunting jackets so that didn't happen.  I would say go TTS for a slightly snug fit with a bit of room for an additional layer maybe 2 if you're skinny.  I don't imagine you'd need heavier thick layers due to it being lined in shearling. The cloth is soft for being a technical fabric and it is a piece I feels like it could be worn as...
Hopefully the Chapel as well? Eyeing it as the 1 JL to own in the near future.
Does John Lobb Stock Service extend to EE/F widths?
Might be a good idea to formally do a post to reopen the Warlow GMTO with relevant details again for the remaining 2 to 3 slots and wait list here, maybe ask Andy, and the Reddit GYW section. Competition for the remaining slots will force people to either ante up or lose out.Though this is a bit frustrating to say the least, thanks watchman1 for being the lead here.
Nice, another big step for Eidos. Can't wait to see what will roll out.Will the blouson with the red or burgundy horizontal stripes make an appearance?
I am sure the price quote/favorable exchange tipped members such as myself over the fence. Was part of the inaugural harlech, sold due to bad sizing. Have Marlows in half size too big. Third time is the charm?
I am in for Warlow if there is an open slot.
Theory is a popular minimalist brand with some overlap in categories. Apc and acne studios are as well. You're not going to get the exact same things. Vince does tend to discount, so if you really like Vince be patient.
Common given advice is to match the width of your face. A bit bigger or smaller I think is okay. Lengthwise, it should sit above your cheeks and not sit on or dig into them and not swallow your eyebrows. Eyes should be centered in the lens are of both sides. It's still best to work with a good optician and a good collection.
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