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Props to who's doing the fabric selection. I really liked the glen plaid red that Stanley korshak stocked and the green donegal. Any of that still available?
RLBL Anthony has more padding in the shoulder than Milano fit. Both are considered slim fits. I would recommend trying a RLBL. It's garnered a love hate relationship on the forum. The combination of the padded shoulder, slim fit through the arms and chest, plus drop 7 makes it challenging for some to fit.Some people size up for both Milano and RLBL Anthony.For BB, I would be open to the regent and Fitzgerald fits if your aim is something more classic. Milano...
You can try to bring it to a tailor and see if there is any seam allowance in the back to "let out" the jacket. You'll gain some slack and relieve some of the tightness that is causing some of the associated divots and fabric pulling. Other option is to lose weight, not very many people go this route. There's a sportcoat hanging in my closet that I would get around to cutting weight to fit.
Details on the first two sportscoats? Any promos going on? Really wish my local one had eidos,
At least to me, eidos stuff is cut pretty slim. If you have developed arms and chest, I would size up most of the time.
Hey Leaves,   Was there any traction on the restock of the DOak/Walnut CC reorder?
The taper is very aggressive in a good way. Inca also has a premium flexwelt or sole, forget which . They're more comfortable out of the box than say rain last. It's a greatly underrated last.
I would suggest seeing if they have the material and ask NMWA to open a special SF run.I am definitely interested in the green donegal tweed.@gdl203
Details please? Is it top drawer? I thought Galway on 888 was a mythical creature.
That sportcoat seems like a niche item. If it was me, I'd chance it and see if it makes it to the after Christmas sale. I don't think you can go wrong with the south wick or italian made sportscoats in terms of construction or quality. The sticking point many people have is the pricing relative to other options.
New Posts  All Forums: