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The taper is very aggressive in a good way. Inca also has a premium flexwelt or sole, forget which . They're more comfortable out of the box than say rain last. It's a greatly underrated last.
I would suggest seeing if they have the material and ask NMWA to open a special SF run.I am definitely interested in the green donegal tweed.@gdl203
Details please? Is it top drawer? I thought Galway on 888 was a mythical creature.
That sportcoat seems like a niche item. If it was me, I'd chance it and see if it makes it to the after Christmas sale. I don't think you can go wrong with the south wick or italian made sportscoats in terms of construction or quality. The sticking point many people have is the pricing relative to other options.
Any restock of the G&G St. James II in vintage cherry anytime soon?
Any chance of a restock on eidos items this season. It's not fun when they're gone before the blurbs go out in the email.
I noticed this as well. Tipo is cut very close to my body. I am a bit borderline. Sleeves are a bit tight. Chest is okay, lapels don't bow.This might be a rookie question, but can the sleeves be let out width wise?If not, might be time to cut some of the bulk gained from weight training or migrate and try Lorenzo cut.
Simpson is a very sleek and nicely proportioned last. Rain is a great last, but sometimes i wonder if the toe should be a smidge wider to even it out or the waist a bit narrower.
Glad it worked out for you. I am jealous of those capable of wearing Simpson. All my pairs would be Simpson if it fit.
Not sure if you are feeling the brogue ing or really the toe cap stiffener. I had a pair of rain wingtips that dug into the top of my toes initially, but there is a chance that it will subside as your foot sinks and the sole itself starts to gain flex. Carmina uses pretty stiff bark soles. Long story short, it bothers me to a lesser degree. If I strongly flex it will still dig in but it's no longer an issue, but YMMV.
New Posts  All Forums: