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Hi,   Up for sale is a pair of Alfred Sargent for Paul Stuart Lazyman.Slip on Brogues.  These have been tried on in doors a few times.   Color is Chestnut Last is 724 Size is 7.5UK E Width
Hi,   Up for sale are a pair of Edward Green Galways worn 3-4 times.  Details are below.   In great condition, but do note there is a chip on the top speed hook on one of the boots.  It is unnoticeable when worn.  Please see the last photo.   Edward Green Mink Suede/DOak Galway 7.5/8E UK 82 Last Leather soles   Please note, I cannot find the original shoe box or shoe bags.  So these will not be included.   Edit: Prefer to ship and deal with a buyer within the...
Irregularity in shading and tones are one either plus or downside to shell.  Shell is really a material that you can't be OCD about.  I find that one needs to be not too nitpicky about small marks or discoloration in general.  From a distance, one really can't notice it.  Cordovan will lighten on its own as it ages and will likely not retain its evenness.  There are a lot of factors that will affect variations in shade.  I don't think any two of the same shoes or boots...
 I tried on the Hunting Jacket from Nordstrom, the measurements for a Large lined up with about the EU52 comparing it to NWMA's versions, as a point of reference.   If I had to roughly guess: Small: EU48Medium: EU50Large: EU52X-Large: EU54 FYI, the tag on the jacket I tried on showing the Fabric/Size/Model, doesn't state the EU size, but rather the S/M/L/XL/XXL scale. I'd generally follow the advice from the Nordstrom website.  I'd order true to size for your regular S/M/L...
Hi, Did any other retailer pick up the Eidos Hunting Jacket in the color pictured here besides Nordstrom? My size sold out quickly and am trying to track it down.
It's not new from what I remember. The fit//pattern predates the tipo, Tenero and NMWA cuts. The Balthazar is categorized as a more modern fashion/trendier cut meaning trim and shorter bottom hem. i could be wrong, but by chaconne's impressions it seems to be somewhat confirmed. Antonio is probably extremely busy. I assume getting a brand off the ground and working on the logistics is the focus. I'm rooting for the team after meeting them at the last trunk show. I...
Thanks for the point of reference. Definitely considering picking them up.
Curious if anybody can compare the fit on Christian Kimber x Eidos versus the other usual suspects like Carmina, EG, etc. In particular I've got a slightly wider foot than average so that would rule out narrow lasts. Thanks.
I'd be more concerned if those problems were on calf.  Shell cordovan is pretty resilient, I would take a cotton cloth + cordovan creme or a deer bone and work over the areas.  Ideally it shouldn't have come to you in that condition, but might as well give it a shot first as it'll cost you about the same to ship it back.  Cordovan creme and a deer bone should be in your rotation if you have any shell.
Bloomingdales had a light indigo version. Not sure if anybody picked it up in that color in your photo.
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