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Try Fitzgerald, regent and the Milano. If you're a skinny dude, a Milano might work. Wide shoulders, maybe go with the regent that has stronger drop/waist suppression. Fitzgerald is a trim but not too anemic of a fit. If you can get a corporate discount and can go for two suits. You can get them down to 550 per suit stacking the corp discount and brooks buys.
Chemex is pour over and optimally uses a goose neck kettle to optimize flow of water to saturate grounds. Aero press is fill, steep, plunge. It produces a coffee concentrate to dilute to taste. AP does require physical effort to plunge and some do find that to be inconvenient. Both use paper filters which will filter grounds and some amount of the coffee oils for a "cleaner cup". I stick with the CCD for daily use, though this talk of an espro press has me interested.
What about cafe grumpy? I tried them from being gifted a set of el Salvador. The quality was very good.
Carmina sometimes does change their mind and allow a design change if you do get rejected. I would work with an established retailer like skoaktiebaloget or gentlemens footwear to push on behalf for your design.FWIW, I do like the design and it does exist somewhat similarly in RL Ancel or Ansel model and Paul Stuart has a suede monk strap with that buckling design
They weren't available his past fall and winter. They were in the year before.
I didn't know blue bottle had such financial backing. I am intrigued by the new nespresso machine. Cream topped coffee, hopefully the dose is scaled up from their regular coffee.
GG from what I here around the interwebz, takes the hatch grain and refinishes it to maybe address the issue. I would address the main threads for the makers for additional thoughts.
If one wants a bit of variety, consider Soller last for MTOs. As generous as rain at least and rounded. I would've snatched up a pair of the noix suede chukka on Steve's website if he had my size.
Sandringham.   Consider suede or walnut country calf is casual is the intention.
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