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Please feel free to contact me with any questions.   Measurements are as follows:   Model: Tipo (Slim Fit) Chest: 20.75 inches (53cm) Shoulder: 18.25 inches (46cm) Length from back of collar: 28.75 inches (73.25cm) Sleeve Length from top of shoulder seam outer sleeve: 25 inches (63.5 cm)   Please note that the fit is relatively slim, measure an existing suit jacket or sportscoat to compare if this would fit for you.   Fabric content according to tag is: 49%...
Responded to interested parties who were first to PM, if they do not reply or decline.  Will move onto the second or third in line, for all interested parties.
Will respond to PMs by tonight.   - Thanks all for the interest.
Hi,   I am considering selling the following boots and shoes.   I figured I would see if any SFers are interested before they move onto eBay or I may change my mind and just keep them.     I would like to deal with those with positive feedback and with members in the continental US.  If you are a new member or have 0 feedback, please PM me and we'll work something out on eBay in terms of fees to protect myself and you as a buyer.   I can provide additional photos for...
Loafers are offered in forest for sure, rain occasionally, and xim is their most casual moccasin style relaxed last.
At least to me, Tipo is cut slim in the shoulders which can compound the fit in the arms. I'm a 40 chest but have some mass built up in the shoulders and biceps. I went up to a 52 which may translate into a 41 or 42 American. I'm probably a 51 or 52S, I'm debating if I can get away with a 52R. Short sizes don't cover my behind, too much squatting.
Did you size up? Doesn't look bad, a tad long. Shorten the sleeves and take in the sides and itd be even better.
Can I ask who you did the MTM through?
Snapped my second or third pair of Carmina laces. Any suggestions for a more durable alternative?
  Thanks for taking the time to measure. May snap up the sweater soon, went for the flannel shirting for the time being.
New Posts  All Forums: