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Yay for people who need wide widths.
Hey, it happens and even to larger retailers.
Anyway we can sneak in some short sizes or preorders?
Carmina Derby Boot on Rain Last, 7UK, roughly 8 US Cognac Cordovan, Dainite Soles, GMTO through Gentlemen's Footwear.   Please note, slight mark on one of the boots.  Doesn't seem to be a scratch, raised bump.  Tried to photograph it to the best of my ability, not noticeable unless you look for it.
Carmina Balmoral Boot on Forest Last 7UK, roughly 8 US,   Cognac Cordovan, Single Leather Soles  From Carmina Webstore, 
Crockett and Jones Harlech in 7.5UK, roughly 8.5 US,    Whiskey Shell Cordovan, Double Leather Soles, 341 Last.  From the first GMTO through the forum.
About two weeks to finally see it hit the card.
Is the collection shown autumn winter 15 or spring summer 14 or a mix of both? I need to be a little strategic here and plan out what to buy. Would buy as all of it if I could.
Really looking forward to upcoming trunk shows. I'd love to try eidos MTM. @NickPollica Could you let us know when they might be? Also curious who does MTM in the US northeast. Does NMWA do it year around?
@Leaves   When is the Carmina Chocolate Suede Chukka going to be restocked?  I should've snapped them up up earlier, but now am sorely regretting it.   Any plans to also stock chelseas in soller last?  I really like rain last but I find I need to round out my shoe wardrobe when most of my pairs are chiseled.
New Posts  All Forums: