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You mean living life? And not having the boots behind a glass case or taken out for shoe selfies?To be fair shells ruggedness is offset by the sometimes uneven splotchy finish when it ages and the dye wears down.
Leaves, In the mean time are we free to do single MTOs or stock pulls of EG, while this this being worked out or is that frozen?
Anything in 50S over there? Or any notable outerwear?
Would probably be gold museum calf, with the caveat that it can vary depending on batch and tannery. Skoak did carry one EB model in that color awhile back, if you want a reference point.
Nice find. It seems that Carmina now makes Uetam in EE width, according to that link. There might be hope for wider feet yet.
I think it there is a possibility it varies from location to location for what works logistically. I am merely guessing at one possibility. BB probably has a network of trusted tailors to perform work. Maybe a combination of in house and out of house tailors for flexibility to handle differing levels of demands. They do a good job most of the time. I've had many pairs of pants hemmed, waist and seat taken in on pants to say I've been satisfied. My BB fitz suit awhile...
If I remember correctly, their tailoring department is not local or in house at each location.  It is shipped out to be tailored elsewhere.  I can't say for sure but it might even be sent to Southwick which Brooks Brothers owns.
Echoes my experience as well for tailoring, if you have more mass in the shoulders and chest. Though there is a chance that the shoulders might extend out and not be optimal.I'm so bummed nobody carries a 52 short. Hopefully MTM will fix things for me.
Would it be possible to create a list of the shoes that are eligible for this? So many good pairs of EG have been carried by your store. Would be great to allow people to revisit some older pairs that perhaps due to timing were missed out on. I don't know why, but I still want a pair of those bauxite westminsters from a few moons ago.
Pretty sure even if they did allow GMTO, the cordovan up charge alone would make it very hard to reach 5 or 6.
New Posts  All Forums: