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I'm very interested in Dark Brown Harrisons 10 E Thanks!
I've been considering purchasing those for a while, they look beautiful.  How's the sizing compared to your standard US size? The width?
Thanks for sharing, beautiful shoes by the way.  I'm considering both the single calf and double monks, but I'm a 10E in US sizing. Louisa has advised me to go only a half size down... I'm worried that the shoes will have a bit of extra length to them. 
How did you find the width/fit on the ama last? Did you go a full size down or half a size relative to your US size?
I used Brown Kiwi Scuff Cover on a pair of Dark Brown AE Park Aves.  I realize I am a reckless idiot for doing this. I know have these darkish stains on the areas where I used it.  I tried using warm water/AE Conditioner/Polish...no luck. Any suggestions?
Awesome, I've always preferred brown leather, and intuitively felt that it looked better/was more versatile, but for some reason assumed that I needed black in the mix.  Brown it is! Now I think I'm going to have to wait for the rest of you to get to the bottom of Meermin's "dutygate" before I strike. 
  Thanks guys, much appreciated. My office attire is largely business casual (slacks + button down).  I currently have a pair of AE Park Avenues in dark brown, hence I feel it makes sense to  go with something in Black.  Maybe another cap toe would be better served? I am very new to all of this, but my essential goal is to add two pairs of shoes: one quality shoe fit for wearing to the office, and another with a bit more spice to wear on the weekends.  I have a decent...
    Thanks for the advice. I do in fact have a pair of dark brown cap toe oxfords, and in addition to the black oxfords I'm considering from Meermin, would like to supplement my collection with something fit for casual wearing. I realize the light brown calf monk is tough to pull off... but I just love the look of that color. It's lack of versatility is making me consider the dark brown suede as an alternative, but I fear that they will be tough to maintain (I live in the...
Hey guys, I'm a young novice gent just beginning to build my wardrobe with quality purchases (much in part thanks to this forum).  I'm considering buying two Meermins: The black calf oxford - http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1920   & The light brown calf monk - http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1950 Two questions: what sort of pants will go best with the light brown monks? I realize the black calf oxford should be quite versatile as it is a...
Ooooohh I like both of these. Do you believe Kent Wang and Hamilton represent significant upgrades over CW in terms of craftsmanship/durability?
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