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thanks a bunch for that! on behalf of myself and AE we really appreciate how loyal you guys are to our brand and I'm honored to be dealing with you guys... seriously!  
Hey guys, in case you missed it the first time I posted it, here are the deals we're running starting today (factory seconds)   Norwich in black and in brown - $155.40   Long Branch in Brown Waxy Leather - $195.30   Patriot in all colors - $181.30   Finch in all colors - $140.40   Kenilworth in Black - $163.80   Tampa in black and brown - $104.30   Vernon in saddle brown - $181.30   We may have something else good going on as well... I'll check for...
  our dark brown premium polish would be the one formulated for that particular boot... you could also use our mocha... it's consistent w/ the color but it won't create as much of a patina... before all that definitely take some conditioner/cleaner and leather lotion to it. Also, if you want to remove the previous layers of polish before you start customizing it to your liking... use some saddle soap as well. if there are any really bad scuff or scratches, AE she cream...
lol, yeah we just got it in... it's pretty awesome... imagine how it's gonna look once it develops that petina....
I have some for $50 but if you buy a pair of shoes that'll knock it down to $40... if interested just give me a shout via PM or email.... jeffcjr2006@gmail.com
Hey guys, many of you have been reaching out to me about the wolverine 744 boot. we have a belt in store that matches with it really well and it's only $49.00. and if you get a pair of shoes, we'll knock an additional 20% off the price of the belt--- so that's the 744 for $399 and the matching belt for about $40 altogether!  
well I'm be on the forum keeping everybody posted so you always got me, lol
$199 at my store right now... that's a pretty good price  
Thanks a lot guy! anything you need just let me know, if I don't have the answer I'll search until I can find it for you!
sure do! something I can help you with bud?
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