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Where is the shirt from? Size? I have a similar 42-31 chest:waist ratio and am looking for dress shirts that fit as nicely as it does on you.Love the khaki linen tie too. It's a great lightweight piece, pertfect for the summer.
I have not received my Windowpanes as yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to comment on them for you. As for the Dippin Dots, they are a gorgeous, lightweight, and airy three-fold Italian cashmere/silk blend. Rob, please jump in anytime to correct me. I have three of them - violet, blueberry, and raspberry coloured. I find them too warm for the July/August humid Summer's here in southern Ontario, Canada. But are fabulous for Spring and early Fall. They have been my goto ties...
Another exquisite collection Rob! You have seriously outdone yourself again this season with these fine wears. They are all so unique and possess a lot of character. Much continued success to you and the YHN team. Thank you for handcrafting such quality gems.  
Yeah seriously!Rob: now you have to make us those suits and pocket squares! I'll settle for the pocket squares first ( small steps).
My favourite knit of the season! This is absolutely georgeous.
Feeling the khaki today. In hindsight, I should have worn something other than a white shirt to bring out the khaki colour.
The Zegna is incredibly lightweight and looks superb I have to say     
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