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A grey morning calls for a grey houndstooth!   I LOVE this colo(u)r too Rob   I can't believe how soft it is.      
A chilly (-10oC) morning [] on this first-day of Winter in Canada! I'm glad I had this hefty Cocoa Flannel to keep me warm. One of my absolute favourites!   I would love a scarf in this Rob!    PS: The rich chocolate-coloured flannel is on a navy pinstripe shirt and charcoal cardigan. I tried to take different angles to bring out the chocolate-colour and details - it didn't come out as well as I would have liked.         
Thank you kindly! I'm so glad I found YHNT! Rob et al., are amazing. Their ties are a quintessential piece to any man's wardrobe. I know I'll be wearing them for many many years to come and will definitely get passed down to future generations.Keep them coming Rob and crew  -Imy
From last Fall/Winter.   Rob, can you help with the description, I don't remember what it was. All I know it's another smashing tie from YHNT!  
A beautiful piece by YHNT
Lightening up this gloomy rainy foggy cold morning with a brown blue on white houndstooth. Another fabulous craftsmanship by Rob!
My Zegna Red Cashmere! What a beauty! Thanks Rob! PS: Unfortunately, the lighting doesn't do justice to the detail on the tie.
One of my YHNT favourites!
A great collaborative collection Rob!
Another great collection by Rob and the YHNT family! You have truly outdone yourselves again!
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