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 The streaky green and blue 100% linens this year are fantastic. Every summer Rob comes out with only a handful of 100% linens, and this year's collection by far is an exceptional one. The linen blends are incredible too, especially the ocean linen/silk and the linen stripe, which I believe is a pre-/back-order only.
Eric, don't sit on it too long. They are amazing. I thought I wouldn't get a lot of wear out of them, but surprisingly I've worn them quite often. They add such a nice 'pop' to your wardrobe especially if your collection is saturated with blues and grays, like mine is. Its served me well on several outdoor sunny events. The cashmere is incredibly soft. The Herringbone has a little more 'shine', more like a gold tint to it compared with the 100% cashmere. Definitely worth...
Such a great YHN collection @kali77 The blue handprinted Italian silk paisley is amazing. Very lightweight, as if you're not wearing anything at all. My ultimate favourite from this summer's collection. The red and yellow version are killer too! 
It looks amazing on you Justin! I absolutely love that collar. Great fit pic.
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