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Absolutely love this one - charcoal/gray with blue stripe from a few years back. Rob surprised me with a 'skinny' version with whatever leftover fabric he could muster up.           
   Such an amazing collection. Likewise, I need to snag that pinstripe before @ericgereghty. I waited too long on the original release and missed out.
 Incredible collection @Wood. They look absolutely beautiful.  Thanks for the compliment Jay. I truly have an obsessive compulsive/addictive behaviour when it comes to YHN. So glad to see that I'm not the only one.  I have accumulated quite the collection since YHN's inception but I think I lag behind the rest of all you gentlemen who I aspire too. Every season Rob comes out with spectacular wares that exceed my expectations and I cannot but help snag a few at a time. Just...
Woolly Mammoth on the first day of Winter.      
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