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Another great collection by Rob and the YHNT family! You have truly outdone yourselves again!
Where can I get a pair of those suede shoes? What the model? Lasts? Looks absolutely amazing! I'm jealous.
Forgot to...
The jacket worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig) in the movie SkyFall is a Barbour Beacon Heritage X To Ki To Sports Jacket, a Limited Edition series. Since it was a Limited Edition series, Barbour wasn't able to produce more of the jackets. To be able to supply more jackets, Barbour decided to remake the jacket but release it under a different name, the Barbour Dept. (B) Commander, which seems to be a clear reference to 'Commander' Bond. Barbour now sells the Commander jacket...
Has anyone used Aphrodite to ship to Canada? Im wondering how much duties would be on the commander jacket? They are currently offering free international shipping. Use code: FWWSHIP at checkout.
Hi Rob,   The first-half of the Fall collection is exquisite. Just when I think you have outdone yourself on the latest collection, you impress me even more with the subsequent ones. The navy's and brown's are very rich, especially the cashmere stripes. A beautiful colour palette indeed. I cannot wait to see them in-hand and show them off. But I'll have to wait until at least end of August to show these off - I'm still working on going through my Spring/Summer collection...
I couldn't agree with you more. That is indeed a great knot. Any chance you can post a video or several pics of the steps to take to get that knot?much appreciated,imy
Thanks for this post and the review. I too need to have my jacket taken in. I opted for the large because the medium wouldnt fit on the shoulders, but now it drapes like a "tent". I have the beacon heritage tokito ('skyfall') jacket and was hesitant on sending it to them from Canada. But i dont have any other choice. I have to take in the chest and waist ("lower hem") but also the entire sleeve width (the bicep area to the wrist). Do you know where i measure the width from...
Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the Barbour Repair Department in New Hampshire in terms of mailing your jacket to them for alterations? I need to alter my jacket but cannot find an official place in Canada. According to their website, they'll do alterations for Cdn customers but ive read some frightening reviews about jackets being lost and lack of customer service. Your insights would be very much appreciated. Thanks. -I
That's a NICE jacket! Good call for the Spring. I really like the detailing of the collar and side pockets - i can't tell from the pic, but is it leather? Can you comment on the fit when tried, and price, and where it can be found? Cheers 
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