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My favourite knit of the season! This is absolutely georgeous.
Feeling the khaki today. In hindsight, I should have worn something other than a white shirt to bring out the khaki colour.
The Zegna is incredibly lightweight and looks superb I have to say     
A cool but sunny Spring morning. Perfect temperature for this grey spring fleck silk.      
Today's denimy look. Can't remember the actual name of this one but it was from last year's collection. Incredibly lightweight and soft.
Brought out last years silk Easter tie for today.
Indigo Silk from last year.              
Spread some good Spring/Summer vibes with the new wears Rob. I'm really excited to see what you have in store this year. I love Winter and Winter sports, but I've just about had enough of it this year. It's -34oC/-30oF today, 'warmer' than yesterday's record breaking -38oC. Check out the pictures of Niagara Fall below.   Source: The Canadian Press       Source: The Associate Press
A beautiful navy/brown windowpane!      
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