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Winter Gray Stripe        
 That LP blue stripe looks really nice Rob! Double thumbs for standing in front (intentional or otherwise) of "The Weekend" - Abél Tesfaye. From the 6ix,Imy
@Bakes11771 that is a gorgeous YHN collection you acquired. The Zenga's and W. Bill's are incredible. Due to the thickness of the fabric and 6-fold pattern of those ties in particular, I would use a four-in-hand knot. For all my Fall/WInter-weight YHN fabrics, I exclusively use a four-in-hand knot. The exception is with some of the delicate and lightweight summer fabrics (i.e., linens, silks) and in particular the lightweight handprinted Italian silks; I use a double...
Big brown herringbone.      
Cheers Rob. The BD is amazing too! The fit is perfect and the fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. Will you be coming out with other shirt colours and/or patterns?
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