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Spread some good Spring/Summer vibes with the new wears Rob. I'm really excited to see what you have in store this year. I love Winter and Winter sports, but I've just about had enough of it this year. It's -34oC/-30oF today, 'warmer' than yesterday's record breaking -38oC. Check out the pictures of Niagara Fall below.   Source: The Canadian Press       Source: The Associate Press
A beautiful navy/brown windowpane!      
Love the speckle on this one!    
Last night's Zegna Cashmere-Silk Navy, Brown, Light Blue Stripe. Brown and blue works so well together - what a wonderful colour combination. Thanks Rob!    
In today's -21oC (-6oF) weather, I had to wear this woolly mammoth Holland&Sherry 1970s vintage . A quintessential piece for anyone braving these conditions. This tie is so thick, I can't imagine it being made in more than 3-fold, but trust me, it feels like a 10-fold (if that actually exists). The texture (I took a close-up to detail the fibers) and colour (green, blue blended hues) are just stunning. Thanks again Rob! Another amazingly stunning craftsmanship by the YHN...
Today's Irish Tweed. Love the texture on this one.
Yesterday's Vintage Raw Italian Silk
Love the speckled blazer and tie! Never seen anything like that tie before. I would definitely be interested in scarves.
Looking sharp!
Donegal (light brown colour) from last Autumn/Winter.    Thoughts on the double-dimple? I wanted to be a little more creative today.        
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