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More seasonal temperatures today and lots of sun, perfect for the Khaki Striped Linen (a generous and thoughtful gift from Rob).        
Gray-brown sharkskin (2013/2014).        
This is an older (2013/2014) LP wool/linen/silk denimy-looking tie. Much softer and lightweight than year's true selvedge denim. 
One of my all-time YHN favourites - Terroni Herringbone Silk.The herringbone is in a deeper shade of brown and glistens when stricken with light at certain angles (tried to capture it in the second photo). Absolutely lovely.         
Navy sharkskin.      
     Thank you for all the nice compliments @RuleOfRescue, @NewYawker, and @NewYorkIslander. I was away at our nation's capital for a conference and decided to bring out some of my 'power' ties.
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