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How is that worn? It looks like linen.   A formal linen bath robe?
Do you think TRE1001 from that page is any good? Very top right. A bit plain, but I think for versatility, that's probably best for now. It's also linen, which is good for here.
The patterned one is a bit short - I Got the measurements wrong. Think closer to GQ than SF approved for that. But it works with jeans on a casual day. Only because it can't be returned and feels fantastic. The navy fits great. I think I'll drop the button stance and make it a tad bit longer on the next SC though.. 
iGents, more advice needed :-D   A bit more work here.. but I have a significant amount of credit at Kent Wang and was wondering what to get for a light sport coat that's not navy. Something that could go with a lot of things easily (I mainly wear blues, browns, and burgundy and greens for the ties, though there's more than just that) and that's a summer-weight. I live in Phoenix and it gets to be around 110 here so I won't really be wearing it too much in the middle of...
Look at the most recent posts of mine in their thread. Questions answered there.. but for the lazy: Off-white Linen by Luxire (their own fabric), and ridiculosuly comfortable. Like I can't even describe it. Linen is usually a bit coarse, which I deal with due to the heat. But this... It feels a bit softer than a raw silk tie. Matty and soft. Edit to add: I know the cuffs are off. I meant for these to be worn with suedes, tucked in shirt, linen SC, etc. Fortunately, they're...
Sorry, didn't know it was rude (or if you're joking). Everyone has toes! And they don't. Just like my linen shirts and etc, stretching can just as well remove creases as anything else. Pressed or not, once they stretch over your knees too much, the creases are out in that area. Still looks OK, and feels comfortable, but just know that they don't stay in for long.
  I wear them every chance I get. Anywhere from Church to extreme casual flip-flops. Two different outfits above.  What the pictures don't show is that they're ridiculously soft. Nowhere near any other linen I've ever felt. Same for the Luxire brown linen. But these are still softer than that. Indescribable.  What else they don't show: Ironing linen pants is a bitch. And obviously the creases in the knee area don't stay in past the car ride to wherever you're going. 
Luxire linen pants and shirt. No cotton. Thanks! 
Bring on the downvotes. Fathers day lunch. Nobody else had shoes on either.. 110f heat.      
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