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One half size lower.. and it'd be me. :-(
To this day, he tells me, "The happiest day in my life was when I found out I passed the CPA exam." He's (probably half) joking that it beats out our birth (twin).  He still tells me he woke up every morning as happy as he could possibly be. Going to work, getting new clients and signing new deals (mainly loans for theatres, trucks, helicopters, etc), etc. He also loved getting dressed up. I used to get up early to watch him pick out his suit and tie every morning. If...
Me no care. I've got the life I worked for. My dad is the CPA and I had enough exposure to that that I knew it's not what I wanted. I am the designer/PM and sports player. Good for me :-)
He's just upset he doesn't have his life set up. The same often happens to me but on a lower level. I've met some one-uppers before and I love making fun o them for it. Best I heard was not even directed at me. A guy I know flies a G5. Some friend of a friend showed up at the volleyball tournament we were at and said, "Oh. That's shitty. I fly a G6." Something to that effect. The guy I know responded with some technical questions on the G6, knowing that the G6 was in no...
My guess is because it's not as sleek as something like the Simpson or Uetam. People like sleek. 
Not that I'd buy it, it doesn't fit. But, for your sake, either don't spam or do it right and give a link. Edit: It does look nice by the way. GL.
Walk in naked and see what happens?I mean they're already talking about your penis.
That briefcase. Details?
Let's rephrase. Here is the actual process. You order trial suitYou get trial suitYou take pics of you in trial suit for Kent to assess.Kent tells you to send suit to him or someone else. You pay for that shipping.You pick fabric outYou get suit in that fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: