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I think the entire ensemble needs to be mentioned. Like, I've got off-white trousers and don't wear them with white, but I think it looks OK broken up with a darker belt, shoes, and light blue SC, or maybe even colors of green. But that's what I'd wear if I were to wear it at all.
Hot damn. Been looking for a shirt like that. Exactly like that. That looks like a linen brown stripe.. I'll look in to it!! Fully agree that that would look nice. Gracias, partner. @Monkeyface - Thanks! As mentioned, the tie is like a weird olive. Definitely will work on the knot. I just slacked. And that was originally the Foo Fold. But then I kind of twisted it so it's like you tuck in the ends, then fold it back towards your body instead of to the side. I'll play with it.
  Any critiques as to why this guy isn't liked? Just the basic white shirt? I know, not right. I can't help but some times like the cleanliness of white.   Gracias.
Sorry, I meant I sent in the changes I made.Look at my picture and post history in this thread.
Get checked - that burns!
More pics, closer, with place of origin!
  X-Post from the WAYWRN page, since I hadn't seen this olive linen herringbone on here.   I like it. Should have straightened the knot. Doh.
  Came home to a weird box at my door.   Oh yeah! Vanda! Decided to change and try it on with stuff I'd wear. I like it. Could have straightened the knot, but you get what's going on.
This pattern was done almost a year ago, I think. Pre-pattern change.
I actually agree. I have slack in these because they're linen and I wear them casually (untucked) from time to time. I do however need to fix them and cut the bunching out. Thanks Rudals!
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