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Thick wooden hangers. They don't stretch anything out anywhere.    I don't fold. Too much work and too many wrinkles before I even wear the shirt. Folding is for T-shirts.
What are your thoughts on that? Closer pictures? How fast does it wrinkle? I'd usually not ask, except I've got pants that wrinkle as I put them on - albeit the most comfortable pants I own.
Those are excellent. Simpson last? (I see Rain last now. Still good)
Dumb rule. Just wear socks that 'go with', not match. You don't have to follow that. Do the right thing and be an adult - don't wear 'crazy' socks (in the sense that I'm thinking: crazy colorful striped socks from Wal-Mart) and call it "your thing". Many affiliate vendors on here sell great socks. mes chaussettes rouges (a favorite), Skoaktiebolaget, Howard Yount, Kent Wang. Not much you can wear with black shoes other than grey, charcoal, and black. And Navy. But really.....
Holy s***.
I'll get it if it blinks as I walk.
Not sure about PM's. Mixed, really. I try to keep it to email as best I can. Unless the public would benefit. 
Is this multicam?  [[SPOILER]]
Start a 401c3. 
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