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TThat's not a bad way to describe it. But I think it'll be fine after a few washes.
Blue Dress Stripe Seersucker. Fantastic. I just wish I could justify ordering more than one.   But for now.. HOPEFULLY the last linen for the season. Shit gets expensive. 1x Linen: Indigo Blue Mini Gingham 1x Washed Indigo Linen Chambray I REALLY wanted the Red/Ecru seersucker, but I don't like the ecru in it. If it was red/white, I'd have ordered it for sure.   And again, the Washed Indigo Linen Chambray is a lot like the...
Everyone in here has me beat.. but.. blue dress stripe seersucker. Yummy.  
Well, this came. And it's perfect.     Excuse the crooked placket. Happened when I snapped the picture.     This shirt is ridiculously comfortable. Wow.
  Anyone for blue dress stripe seersucker?
I'm such an idiot for missing this.
Not saying I complained about their communication, because I know at times they get overwhelmed, and they're still pretty good on communication, but I too just got an email from her quoting a price.
It got the tour!I was mainly frantic because I had this sent to the location listed on my Paypal, which is an address I had to change after my last relationship ended and... forgot.Being held for pickup a few miles away right now. Whew. All is right in the world.
Same thing happened to me. Sent back a blue stripe and the Summer Chambray and they got lost. Not Luxires fault. Luxire was kind enough to replace them for free and I got back two completely different fabrics. The stripe is fine. The Summer Chambray feels like cardboard. I remember the old one being ridiculously comfortable. I never complained since Luxire did me a great favor, but it's worth mentioning now since it's happening a lot, it seems. Doesn't look or feel the...
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