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What fabric? Still looks good. Iron and march on.
And if I am remembering correctly.. Luxire can get any of the fabrics since they're not in-house anyways? Thanks!! VERY useful. Ordering now. Agreed. Though I only have Howard Yount pants and they fit like "normal pants" with flaws here and there. My Luxire pants fit perfect and I want more than just one pair of perfect fitting summer pants.  It gets hot enough, I'd call it 'tropical'. I will start with one pair from Luxire but get some swatches now. Thanks guys.
I see. Thank you for your input. I'd be willing to try a pair if they had a versatile grey. According to the site, this is mid-grey:and this is light grey:  @luxire - Any input on that mid-grey? Maybe a better picture? Looks VERY dark to me. I'd call it dark charcoal if relying solely on that picture.
Anyone have input for non-linen, preferably wool summer trousers? Looking for greys. Khaki and cream can be cotton but as far as greys go (light and mid colors), I was hoping for a lightweight wool. Luxire suggested Minnis Fresco over Dugdale (as I have all the Dugdale I want for now) but it looks like the weight is heavier than Dugdale, which I'd deem 3-season (not summer) pants. There's also very few options.
Yup. Raining here.
If I would have seen stitchys post before I posted mine, I wouldn't have even posted. Damn.
It's the Armoury last, I'm willing to bet. Armoury had their own Carmina last for a little bit. Last I heard, it's no longer made.  Per an inquiry to Alan See: I'd like to say this is a magnificent shoe and wish it were in my size. This is the specific shoe I emailed them about. My size is 10.5UK and they were out.
What I wore today.   Haven't even broken these in yet. Fit like a glove though.. Just looking at what the color looks like with off-white linen. Too formal but DAMN.
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