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But.. Damn it.
It is. It's not any higher than the usual. The picture is just taken really low. It looks like my other blazer from KW.. 
My editor isn't working, so no quote. But... It's an online MTO with perks to people near Kent. So, with that - Kent has an eye for a pretty good fitting. This is really close to perfect. Even sleeve rotation to fit perfect. And there's a fabric label on this one. YES.
  First brown sportcoat. Thanks Kent Wang! Fit-pic to come later. It fits fantastic though.
No, those would still be there, just to a lesser degree. I don't put stays in any of mine and they don't curl at all. Ever.
I think it could look nice. The collar could be different. That one is definitely not 'sf-approved'. And I think I'd probably prefer an outdoor picture with better lighting, trading in a picture showing silhouette in a dark room with potato-quality image res. Example: Lighting in my house isn't always great so I go with this.. (if people say 'that doesn't look like it fits' just say, the suit wasn't made to fit perfect while taking a selfie for a ton of dudes. Sorry. 
 Oh yes that.  @NOBD , throw them out. They're disgusting to me now. :-P
Deets on the left two?
@NOBD -    Any noteable differences from Loake? They look the same but darker. Price diff?   Nice pair.
Olive Herringbone Made of a cotton-linen blend woven in Italy, this lined four-fold tie in a beautiful brownish olive shade is a perfectly casual tie. Ideally worn with cotton or linen coats. Woven Lightly lined 50/50% cotton/linen Handrolled edges Four-fold 3.5" x 57" Fabric from Italy       $80, shipped to anywhere in US.   Tried on twice. 
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