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Honestly, man. Who cares about good shoes. me. :-(
It was dried. I don't believe the seersucker would have reached the level of fame it's at if it couldn't go in a washer.  Get it, Butch. You'll dig it. 
A week or two ago, my girlfriend was doing laundry and accidentally threw in my Blue Dress Stripes Seersucker, thinking it was her blue pinstripe pajamas (they do look exactly alike). They got shrunk and she was trying to buy me a new one. I told her not to worry about it.   Then a few days ago, I told her I was thinking about reordering it because all you bas***ds keep posting pictures of it. She told me, "I didn't like it that much. Get something new."   But...
your order was placed successfully. 1x Luxire Linen: Off-white Linen Pant     Yep. Got thrown in the dryer.   So good, I guess I'll order it again.
http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8379/8485682504_45dbe0bb8b_o.jpg Closer pic: http://tiberiasclothing.com/images/fabric_image/1364717064_IMG_7172.jpg 4258 for brown? Anybody? Bueller? It's 45% linen.. kind of a winner for me.      http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8508/8484601429_d820a48d44_o.jpg   Or 7720?   http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8369/8484592755_f449d7e6f3_o.jpg Closer Pic: http://tiberiasclothing.com/images/fabric_image/1364719564_IMG_7189.jpg 7728?
Always love your fits, sir. Here's what I like.. let me know if these are versatile, in good taste, and.. whatever else, in your eyes. A-D, price-wise. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3801/12812793245_1bd8733e5b_k.jpg << TRE1043 http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3788/12812861933_1dd3c0d018_k.jpg << TRE1034 and TRE1011 http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8369/8484592755_f449d7e6f3_o.jpg << TRE7722 (Might be a bit loud..) or '4210' on the right...
Yes and no. No navy for sure, but maybe a blue or patterned blue. That's only if there's no good browns. And it kind of doesn't look like there is right now, unless I want to go full on winter weights.
How is that worn? It looks like linen.   A formal linen bath robe?
Do you think TRE1001 from that page is any good? Very top right. A bit plain, but I think for versatility, that's probably best for now. It's also linen, which is good for here.
The patterned one is a bit short - I Got the measurements wrong. Think closer to GQ than SF approved for that. But it works with jeans on a casual day. Only because it can't be returned and feels fantastic. The navy fits great. I think I'll drop the button stance and make it a tad bit longer on the next SC though.. 
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