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    The one in the picture of mine is definitely the cotton navy chambray.  It's very very soft. The upside of the LINEN that NOBD took pictures of is, I believe it's wearable year around and is very breathable and hard to wrinkle, especially for being linen. It's rough but not terribly, at least to me. I don't need a T-shirt or anything.  @NOBD - I'll never ever try to put a sweater over my indigo corduroy shirt again. I'm not sure how you did it, but I found it...
I washed it in cold water 3 times to break it in, but Luxire did not wash it for me. Pictures from arrival. Wearing it right now and if it's lighter than when I first got it, it's not by much - it looks GREAT.   
X-Post from HOF.   Luxire Navy Chambray by Brembana shirt. First time wearing it since I purchased it in February. It wasn't ever cold enough in Phoenix.. had to drive to Flagstaff to wear it. :-D    
There's other threads for that actually. Look up tailor fit and feedback. 
Flagstaff, AZ for a weekend.         Need to hem them pantalones.
Pictures upon delivery!
Do you believe the chest can be taken in a bit? In the picture, the armholes look low. They're actually high, just that the chest pops out on the sides a bit. https://s7.jcrew.com/is/image/jcrew/A9724_BR5868_m?$pdp_fs418_3x_zoom$ Accurate representation and the exact one I'm contemplating.
Just a ping for @Ttailoror @OTCtailor for a bit of advice on my crappy pictures if they could, I'd be mighty grateful :-) I can't decide if I should do the 38 and get the chest taken in on the sides or what can be done. Or if it's even worth it to get either, really. Excluding back details, since I didn't get those pictures for you. 
Gave you info on the only thing I (think I) know.
Do you have any others with better lighting? I'm concerned about the buttoning point being too high on the 38L. Also, anyone know what the shoulders measure on the 38's? Also, tuck the tag in if you can. And post to the tailors fit and feedback if you want more help. But they will say the same - More pics, waist level (a little higher) with lighting. Not in a shadow. Looks kinda good to me tho/
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