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Oooh, can you post pictures?  If I may be so greedy... Outside in light, and a closeup of the fabric? 
I just asked for a swatch of this shirt. No need now. Will order.
Search brembana and go with that oxford. That's what I keep planning to do, since I hate my version of "sky blue summer chambray." Feels like paper.
Almost all mine are like that.None are fused or lined collars. Feels so much better. Two or three have buttons on the gauntlet.
I might prefer this over linen. It's a little more soft, and doesn't wrinkle. Other than that, it's about the same. 
Closeup of the fabrics. 1072 unfused unlined collars. [[SPOILER]] I can't WAIT to get this fabric washed a few times. These are out of box. pressed, worn, then ironed after. No washes yet.  My girlfriend hates the pink stripe. It's the only one I can find that I like. 
 Closeup of fabric in the wild.
Just received these:   1x White Fresco "Madapolam" Chambray 1x Pale Pink Dress Stripes Oxford     No more NOBD collar, I used the 1738 with no fusing or lining on both, with a french placket. Both are fantastic shirts. It took me a long time to find a shade of pink that I like. I wore it yesterday to an event but don't have the pictures yet.   The white fresco (wearing now, with jeans [breaking SF rules! OH NO!] and will take a picture later) looks a lot like linen,...
NICE.My white version comes in Tuesday Thursday.Very excited.Odds of this coming in the same shade as the linen blue chambray? 
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