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Yep. I move slowly on purchasing SC's since I hardly get to wear them. This is KW # 3 for me. Thank you! I love the damn thing. 
I hope these are available after the holidays...
It came this way. I think having the button and the hole with the stitching 'pushes it out a bit. All I know is it's on all mine and I ain't ever getting a 2 button.
This. Twice.
Thanks! Just got that SC, too. Fits spot on, perfect. Wore it Wednesday and wearing it today. I only have two (nailhead wool navy blazer and this brown one) that I can actually wear well... Now what to get for a 3rd... Hmm... (after the holiday season)... I have to go MTM because my measurements are weird. I have mine nailed in perfect at KW. Sage linen goes well here in AZ. This guy will be worn, as well, but I was going for more 'warm' looks.  To each his own. I was...
Meh.  Grey. Yeahhhhhh!!! That should be the unofficial club tie. Grey 6/7-fold anything. 
Not sure why there's more shock surrounding the Hober than the Panta. Both are good but 7-fold cashmere. Waaattt. It was purely a "want it just to have it" purchase.
Came home to a little brown box today with two ties in it.. Thanks @Claghorn for the deal!   Sportcoat is new from KW. Wore it for the second time today.    Wool SC with Cashmere 7-fold Panta (first pic) and Sam Hober Grenadine (yeah, I own one).       New goal for this winter: wear the 7-fold... twice.
Didn't wear the tie today, but I came home to it..    
Wide lapels and soft/no padding. Same on the new one.
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