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Nothing out of control as far as quality, actually on the very low end in the world of timepieces. However, I thought it was really sharp so I asked for it for Christmas and Santa decided to hook me up today :P   [img][/img]
Definitely will be looking for:   -Navy blazer -Chinos (khaki and bold colors) -A couple dress shirts -More casual button downs -One pair of dress shoes (almost certainly gonna pull the trigger on some AE Strands in Walnut)     Ideas on any good nationwide sales tomorrow bros?
  That's actually alright with me just because I'm in the market for, lack of a better word, "starter" suits.
It really is. Damn if only it was March or April when I had the extra cash to throw. I'm living a pipe dream right now hoping to find them in the 150 range. Gotta buy a couple suits too.
So I went to try on Strands in walnut today. Absolutely fell in love immediately. Any info on sales that I've missed? As a college kid I can't rationalize dropping ticket price on a pair of dress shoes before I even have the full time job.
Do they normally have a boxing day sale? I'm in the market for a suit and if they have a boxing day sale + being able to hit one of the outlets I might be able to make a BB one work for me.   Speaking of, which is their slim fit line? (if they have one)
  That's my bad. Was going by in-store price.
  J Crew Ludlows run ~$425
Also, how do they fit in comparison to AE Strands? Anyone know?
As a "starter pair" for a brown dress shoe what would you guys recommend? I like the look of wing tips but nothing too out of control. Would appreciate input. Gonna get fitted at a store around here and then patiently wait on eBay I think.
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