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Has anyone already looked into filing a police report locally? In some countries this is actually possible to do online.
order date?
Can you post some pictures? I am actually looking for the citrus press in copper they produced a couple of years back (the one that looks like a spider)
No-one cares about sentimental bullshit. Jackets, or money, or jailtime. Results.
I suppose it's over with Drew, let me just repeat that I have registered the domain www.drew-keith.com for the purpose of making a "wanted" / beware poster online. I'm not good with making websites etc., therefore it's available for anyone who wants to put it into good use.
I wouldn't give as much time as two weeks. A plan can be made up in literally minutes.
i'm in. I already registered the domain www.drew-keith.com would we need to start somekind of internet campaign.
I would be happy to support an initiative like this - even if it would mean putting some cash in towards legal action. I consider the USD 800 already as sunk anyways, but I do not want to let Drew get away with this that easy.
Ok, is that guy really Drew Keith btw? Could someone pls confirm?
not even a "sorry"
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