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Can't help you with the nickel, but 650 seems a good deal to me! Too bad these Platner tables are really difficult to source from outside the US.
Good question. I think it's a matter of materialism/wanting to own probably, also it helps that I sold it literally within minutes after posting this online. It's not really for me I guess. Also having a toddler at home doesn't help either. Negotiating now for a brown PK31 3 seater set with the same seller, from the same producer as well. Let's see how that one works out.
Just picked one of these babies up. Probably a once in a lifetime find given the price It's the older version by Kold Christensen, not sure whether to keep or flip yet. Thoughts?
Better detail before the repair:It would have been difficult to clamp and glue, given the size of the gap, and the already present synthetic glue from someone's previous attempt to fix it. What might have happened is that the table was dropped, given that the leg is installed directly underneath. In any case, although the shade of the wood might make it look like rosewood, it is actually solid teak. This Peter Hvidt table has been issued in teak only, to my knowledge. It's...
Here's something I have been working on lately: being a great fan of danish mcm, I often find stuff that needs some work: This France & Son table was first stripped, & sanded lightly. I had to fix the crack that was badly repaired in the past: Colored woodfiller, and retouching the woodgrains makes it very difficult to see it on first sight. As a matter of fact, now after 5 layers of Tung oil I don't think it is visible at all.
I'm also quite interested in Drew's whereabouts.. If anyone can advise me on this that would be much appreciated given my relatively close proximity to SK.
I think SF policy dictates that all items should be priced? What are you asking for the double walled bowl?
Does anyone know where Drew is at the moment? Is he still running a chicken/champagne business? Where is this place located? I am planning a trip to SK later this year, FWIW.
want to swap for a spot Oct'13 waiting list? ... just kidding. What is your regular, OTR size?
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