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Anyone available to proxy some non-clothing items? Please let me know.
50 in wool please
In need of a proxy willing to receive some clothing items, repack and send them to Switzerland; Please shoot me a PM if you're available for this
Is the USD 20,00 a fixed rate for your service?
This jacket is by far the most comfortable cold weather gear I've ever owned. Sorry to see it go but it just doesn't get enough wear; bought this jacket brand new from member Jays978 last year, worn it maybe one or twice over the winter season. Price: USD 300,00 ex shipping - item located in Switzerland. Better pictures to follow.
Volkswagen 4.4% BP PLC 4.0% Alexco Resource Corp 2.3% Apple Inc 34.9% Archer-Daniels-Midland 10.9% Baidu Inc 5.5% Banco Santander Brasil 17.2% Google Inc 6.3% NXP Semiconductors NV 6.9%
What is the rise on these trousers?
what's the size of this jacket? Any pictures of the actual jacket available?
could you provide the exact measurements please? (i.e. rise, knee, leg opening?)
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