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want to swap for a spot Oct'13 waiting list? ... just kidding. What is your regular, OTR size?
Agree. He has had enough time to respond, instead of having smirky pictures of him posted on social media. (even better, I'd get the pitchforks out if I could)
I spent a semester on the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaoshiung. Really only the business students could speak some English, engineering, science etc. not really. Even a lot of professors had issues with the language. But, hey I was there to pick up some Mandarin anyway, so that wasn't much of concern to me.
Has there been until now anyone who has filed a police report in Korea - or has information how to do so? As I moved to Singapore recently I will visit Seoul at some point later this year. I intend to file a report.
if only a UK7.
Has anyone already looked into filing a police report locally? In some countries this is actually possible to do online.
order date?
Can you post some pictures? I am actually looking for the citrus press in copper they produced a couple of years back (the one that looks like a spider)
No-one cares about sentimental bullshit. Jackets, or money, or jailtime. Results.
I suppose it's over with Drew, let me just repeat that I have registered the domain www.drew-keith.com for the purpose of making a "wanted" / beware poster online. I'm not good with making websites etc., therefore it's available for anyone who wants to put it into good use.
New Posts  All Forums: