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Nice haul. Makes me have hope for my Milwaukee trip next month. Seriously, how many pair of Allen Edmonds do you find there?
@COtoKS   Do they do anything with the insole?   
Cleaning out my closet of all the stuff that doesn't fit me anymore.   I want to give this stuff out quickly instead of bargaining, just tell me what you want.  Ship me something in my size (small/medium, 33 waist, 38s/r) and I'll ship you whichever items you want.   Nothing too spectacular but some nice staples.   [[SPOILER]]
Thrifting was nice today.  I think I saw maybe 5 people in each store total.   Anyways, I actually found some stuff.   Boring sweaters for me.       This made in the USA Alpine Crafts Company sweater that I have no idea about (Nataku?)       And finally something actually good.  
Merry Christmas all
Those robes look amazing Spoo
Damn, not my size.
3 weeks back at it and finally starting to pull some decent stuff.  Nothing spectacular but you gotta take what you can get in WI.   VV khakis, Wesc Selvedge, Daks Wool pants      
 Apparently I need to start browsing the stuffed animals section... Reminds me of the Omersa stuff.
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