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Not the most exciting cherry popped.  But I am glad I still have a few firsts that I can find.     Bally Penny Loafers  
Nope, just a ton of inventory and followers.
 Awful deal.  Send them to me though and I'll cover your costs.
Just a heads up.   My group project alternative Menswear Site is going to go live June 9th.   If anyone missed the first announcement and is interested in joining up, send me a pm.   Look for lots of stuff to be posted in the coming week.
Which would be okay in my opinion.  Or at least kinda okay.  Here we are talking Stafford Suits with 5+ moth holes in them in a place where no one wears suits (Northern Wisconsin)
My local thrift store has apparently decided people are getting too good of deals on moth eaten suits...       I mean its not like they have 50+ that have been sitting on the rack for 2 years...oh wait
Any good sources of information for what to look for with Vinyl?     I am pretty sure our area is not very picked over and there is a lot of it sitting around.  I just have no clue what to look for.
 The Jim Tressel hole?
Not saying it doesn't.  But inviting everyone under the sun isn't what I am looking for.  It's still very much a group project.  The actions of each individual will benefit the whole, meaning we need to be selective of who joins.  If an individual takes poor quality photos and is constantly trying to flip Stafford Shirts, I don't want said individual to bring down the rest of the sellers on the site.  As far as third party options, I don't know of any that will allow you...
 You spelled German wrong.
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