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In the field. Anyone know what this is?
Had my first decent thrift store run in weeks.   Allen Edmond Graysons in awesome condition     Trafalgar Time Piece Suspenders  
 1000x better than a fedora!
 Photoshop?  :D
TIL not only does Wisconsin have mediocre thrift stores, but they charge 30%+ more than the rest of the country.  
 I wish I had those prices. $8+ for shirts, $15+ for Suits, $20+ for shoes if they are anything decent.   Though I guess I am better off than NY, in prices at least.
 So out of curiosity, what is your average shirt, suit, shoe prices?  What would you be looking at in NYC?
 I have yet to see this either.  Maybe I'm crazy but I believe I pay the same prices the rest of you guys do.
 Good.  Now, if you don't mind I have a huge score of Stafford Suits to post pictures of in this thread.
 Heh, I live in a college town.  Maybe I can register as an LLC and hire some unpaid interns so they gain experience in business.  :)  Also, I am still around, however everything has died around me.  I think my best find in the last 2 months were 4 BB slim fit shirts that fit me.
New Posts  All Forums: