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You mean in my house.
 Not trying to be a beer snob but you should really try some other stuff.I can recommend some really good stuff that you would probably like (based on you liking Bud) that doesn't cost a fortune.  (I'm sure most people here could).
Yep I found this awesome box. The insides are missing sadly which makes it lose half it's value. Also I couldn't find the watch either. A trip to the same store is planned every day this week though.
That's pretty good, but...look what I found.
Do auctions count as thrifting?  Just got back with this.   Solid oak filing cabinet (none of that crappy veneer).    
Couple quick finds in the middle of nowhere wisconsin.  Even more middle of nowhere than usual.   Zegna and BB ties.     Florsheim Imperials.    Couldn't pass this up.  Lands End (made in the USA) Rugby Shirt NWT.  
 Dammit stay off my turf.  I'm coming to steal stuff from Stillwater this weekend so watch out.  Last time I was there I got a 2 foot high Imperial Walker.
 That looks amazingly comfortable.
 You got mad at your neighbor and dumped all the wood out of his storage shed?
Are you taking requests? I need some new jeans.
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