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 I need to lose around 10 lbs so all of my summer clothes fit.  ><  We can be diet buddies!!!! Like, if your thinking of going to Mcdonalds, you can call me up, so I can come with.
For yourself, sure they are better than most of the other junk. For the place not to be named?   Not really.
 So cool.
Yea, I know, thats why I didn't want to spend any more than minimum on them.
Alright, who is the jerk that stole them from me.
In the field. Anyone know what this is?
Had my first decent thrift store run in weeks.   Allen Edmond Graysons in awesome condition     Trafalgar Time Piece Suspenders  
 1000x better than a fedora!
 Photoshop?  :D
TIL not only does Wisconsin have mediocre thrift stores, but they charge 30%+ more than the rest of the country.  
New Posts  All Forums: