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 The Jim Tressel hole?
Not saying it doesn't.  But inviting everyone under the sun isn't what I am looking for.  It's still very much a group project.  The actions of each individual will benefit the whole, meaning we need to be selective of who joins.  If an individual takes poor quality photos and is constantly trying to flip Stafford Shirts, I don't want said individual to bring down the rest of the sellers on the site.  As far as third party options, I don't know of any that will allow you...
 You spelled German wrong.
 Heh, Rice Lake is my hometown.  
Hi All,   I am in the process of launching a high end menswear 2nd hand shop online.  I have already sent out some invitations to members of this thread.  I wanted to send out a general invite to everyone as well.  I am looking for a few more interested individuals who are interested in selling on a 3rd party website instead (or in addition) to ebay.  Standards will be kept high among all sellers so as to earn the best return on sales.  The website is currently up and...
 I need to lose around 10 lbs so all of my summer clothes fit.  ><  We can be diet buddies!!!! Like, if your thinking of going to Mcdonalds, you can call me up, so I can come with.
For yourself, sure they are better than most of the other junk. For the place not to be named?   Not really.
 So cool.
Yea, I know, thats why I didn't want to spend any more than minimum on them.
Alright, who is the jerk that stole them from me.
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