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A graphic tee with some unknown band?
Sadly that's about right.
I thrift in northern Wisconsin. Do I win?
First Hermes ever. Is it real?
 Those are hot!
Off topic.  Anyone want to give me some tips on where to go in Seattle when I go their on vacation this summer?
So I cleaned out my closet since I lost about 30 lbs.  Figured I would post this for you guys first.  Make an offer on anything.  Everything is still in good shape as far as I can tell.    [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
 From my understanding, even a lot of those gallery ads are worth quite a bit.
A pair of boots I found were purchased on ebay for the Redwing Shoe Store Museum.
[[SPOILER]]  Another great saturday. My return to thrifting is starting out pretty sad. My 3 finds today were a Lanvin Blazer (just a bit to old of style sadly), an orphan canali jacket AND! another Christian Dior Tie! Needless to say I left them all.
New Posts  All Forums: