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Hey all,    Things dried up here over the summer, but I am back for the winter season.   Hopefully I can pull in a couple more Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vests this year.
Been super busy finalizing our house purchase and getting packed.   Here are a couple of my cooler finds these last 2 weeks though.  [[SPOILER]]
Not at all.  I am/was in my last month of teaching school and am buying a house, so its been super hectic. So I am trying to turn stuff over quickly and purge my inventory of almost everything so I don't have to move it all.
Hoofit,     Those are some nice Polo Tassel loafers you have for sale.  Wherever did you get them.  :p   In all seriousness, what did you do to clean them up?   I didn't want to mess with how badly scuffed they were.
 Someone needs a pair of boots I think.   Maybe if you keep thrifting you'll be lucky enough to find a pair.
 And its a 42R?
 Duchamp would be my guess. Though maybe RG.
 Heh, I have had to stop the entirety of my ethrifting. I did just thrift a house though.  (well the down payment anyways)
Sexy. Man I wish I wore ties on a daily basis.
Not the most exciting cherry popped.  But I am glad I still have a few firsts that I can find.     Bally Penny Loafers  
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