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 As a 38R who routinely thinks he should gain some weight for an easier time finding clothes, I would be fine if someone kopped this for me provided it was at thrift prices. ($10-$15)
 Just send me all the 38S / M stuff.  That stuff never sells anyways.  
@Nataku   Either of these brands worth grabbing for their quality?    
@Jompso   You used the incorrect spelling for "waste".   
I second the 38R sport coats.
  Might be Doris Leeper.  Abstract Expressionist from Florida I believe.  Probably not worth a ton but a nice piece. Did you buy it?
@SpooPoker    I can only assume its Hickey's less successful brother.
Man I love e-thrifting.  I found my new favorite designer...   Rickie Freeman
 Size Medium?  
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