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Alright.  Thanks guys.   Northern Wisconsin doesn't have much of a fake market.  Must have gotten shipped in.  
You sure?  I generally don't have to worry about fakes up here.  What's wrong with it if you don't mind my asking?
Brand new Giorgio Armani Suit.  Stupid thing is too big for me.    
Are we still doing art? Found a authentic Salvadore Dali etching today. Sorry for the bad quality.
So my wife (wendy) signed up for some ugly grill contest and...     WE WON!
Do we all get to come over for a grill out after you win Wes?
 Nice find. Does this mean I need to start making the trek to the cities this summer?  
I found a NWT Brown Armani Suit.  No pictures as I am still out thrifting.   I also found this awesome piece, except no pants.  I tore half the store apart.  Sad day.  
New Posts  All Forums: