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Hi, I'm looking for the Alden for BB shell cordovan PTB in size 7.5D.. either black or #8 is okay.  Not picky about the amount of wear so long as there's no damage (cracked shell, screwed up heel counters, etc.)  We'll work out a price.   Let me know what you have!  Here's the link from BB:,default,pd.html   Cheers, Ryan
I posted here a couple weeks ago asking whether anyone knew a good cobbler to restore my Alden for Brooks Brothers cordovan plain toe bluchers that I got a thrift store for $4, and was asked to report back... so here goes!   I researched the Alden factory and various stores all of which offer restoration for $160 with free shipping.. but I couldn't get clear answers from most of them when I emailed them photos of what I needed done.  Someone recommended B. Nelson in...
      Thanks much guys!  I'm in contact with B Nelson, but I might go check out Cobblers Corner.  It's pretty close by.
With the help of Reddit, I finally identified this pair of shoes I got at a thrift store for $4 in poor condition years ago:   Alden for Brooks Brothers Plain Toe Cordovan Bluchers   I'm wondering if anyone here can help me figure out how old they might be?   I plan to get them fixed up, but I have some questions you guys might be able to help me with.  Alden is sending me a mailer to send to their factory to be restored, which costs $160.  They say they'll...
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