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 Ugh. Black faced Daytona and the RO Jumbo are the two that occupy most of my TWAT thoughts these days. I wonder who's to blame ... (cough cough my friends on this page!) Belligero do you just buy an extra dial for the swap? Pardon my ignorance ...    Hey Frilly, who needs a Sea Dweller when you can have this ? http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=6769689&rid=0#msg_6769689
 My size is gone.    If a 16.5 is too big for anyone on the 100% blue linen please PM!!
Any restocks coming on the 100% linen Ingleses?
 I've been meaning to reply to this -- I have a similar shirt that I wear a lot, more in the 'Sportswear/Streetwear' mode.  Oftentimes I wear it as an overshirt instead of a light jacket (untucked, slightly unbuttoned or fully unbuttoned) over a t-shirt (usually grey) and with either selvage or darker matte denim and sneakers.  I was very afraid of the Canadian tuxedo look but as long as the tones are slightly different you should be fine.  I get a lot of compliments with...
 this made me LOL.  
Really well done on the reader's digest version.  Spot on.
 Really wish I could make the trunk show and join you guys for dinner ... hopefully next time. 
 Hahahah I'm scared to death of bikes for all the aforementioned reasons and my time interning in Ortho clinic.  But our new friend (@BostonHedonist) if you MUST ride, please wear these (and not the speedy):  http://www.dragginjeans.com/
 Not to throw too many options at you (something I struggle with terribly) but there is also a discontinued 3572.5 with acrylic crystal and caseback (if you are looking pre-owned) ... that's the one I pulled the trigger on in December.   Either way you can't go wrong -- but for me personally I HAD to have the display back.  Too gorgeous to pass up.  Edit: I see you figured it out and pulled the trigger.  Congrats!  There are few more versatile watches than the Speedy .......
Can someone explain the 'tailoring credit' for instance on the Cantarelli SC it says $100 tailoring credit .. ? Thanks in advance.
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