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 Yep -- I love mine.  And picked it up off the secondary market barely 'pre-owned' with box, papers, etc right in your price range.
 Brother @mimo, can you explain what you mean by this?  I'm just a guy yet to see one in the flesh ... Last few pages have been awesome ... @Belligero, frilly, the usual suspects at it again. 
 Don't really mess with him and remind him there's a discontinued 3572.50 with hesalite sandwich ......  
Where do we stand with the MTO sport coats? I am way behind. 
An oldie but goodie a few days ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 As one who gallivants with like-minded idiots, I want to see the PAM!   Reverso is lovely, btw. 
 Lovely Hamilton -- on this note -- how do you guys travel with your watches? I can't be the only one who brings few nice pieces for a weekend trip away.
 I just spit out my beverage .... No worries- I remember seeing on IG you had been recently, so it was worth asking.  I won't have too much trouble finding a good time.  No worries.  Thanks for the suggestions -- I have no issue with smoked meat sandwiches but I am from the heart of (real) barbecue country.  Also, with what I'm spending on the room alone I won't be doing a lot of fine dining.  So any of the other cheap eats and drink suggestions are welcome (if you want to...
On a totally unrelated note, I'm headed to Montreal on Thursday for the Gran Prix.  I've been work work many times but rarely for play ...    Any suggestions food/drink-wise or for the race if anyone's been before?    I know we have some well-traveled folks in this thread.
Heading up on Thursday and staying downtown ... any and all suggestions welcome for food / drinking / race-wise.   I have been to Montreal numerous times but always for work, not play.   Colleagues have been telling me for years how awesome this weekend is as a spectacle -- really looking forward to it.     Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: