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Happy Friday.     Prepping for a meeting with my accountant .... hope he has some good news     
 Awesome, so awesome. It looks terrific.  TC's new theme song:  
 Hublot?   Congrats TC - stoked to see the new arrival - and the one that Mrs. TC will be getting shortly .... ha.
 Dat guilloche!!!!      Long day waiting for the dreaded UPS man .... 
 40.  And dang those pics of the black Daytona ... stunning ... it's amazing how certain watches get stuck in your head over time - that was one I seriously considered for this iteration but couldn't double up as I have a Speedy. For those who want to keep guessing, here's the current collection (chronologically): PAM 1860Omega Seamaster (vintage 1960s)Rolex Datejust 16220Omega Speedmaster 3572.50 Let's just say the new guy fits me as I sometimes (often?) I act like a tool...
 40mm .... it will make Dino happy .... NOT a Jumbo (yet ) .... 
For the first time in a long time (since last December), I have an INCOMING!!   Very excited as I've waited patiently .... I'll show you guys as soon as she's on the wrist next week.  :)
That was my thought as well.
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