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 Personally I would like more Mazzarelli's - I haven't been as active in this thread as I once was so I don't know if this is planned or not but I love the 4 that I have and would love to double up.
 I'm way behind on this thread (good lord @ the frills shots of the ALS platinum and various Patek goodies) but here is a bit of advice if you are new to this thread: Unless you are extremely limited by budget be prepared to not stop kopping after you get a nice watch.  You will likely get hooked. It is a weakness most of us are afflicted with -- this thread will chew you up wearing a timex and spit you out with multiple Rolexes, a Speedy, a 15202 and a then you'll top if...
  Gorgeous but the date RUINS it.  Ugh.  Thanks, TWAT for making me realize things like this.
Happy Friday.     Prepping for a meeting with my accountant .... hope he has some good news     
 Awesome, so awesome. It looks terrific.  TC's new theme song:  
 Hublot?   Congrats TC - stoked to see the new arrival - and the one that Mrs. TC will be getting shortly .... ha.
 Dat guilloche!!!!      Long day waiting for the dreaded UPS man .... 
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