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I am waayyyyyy behind on this thread as I've been super busy.       QUICK PSA ---    make sure your watches are appraised and your insurance is all kosher gents -- took an alarming call from a housemate last week as our place had been broken into.   They got my Pam and Speedy -- luckily I somehow had my two Rolexes with me (and they left my vintage Omega 3 hander).      Just getting started with the insurance process so let's all keep our fingers crossed....
 You can't beat a Datejust, fluted + jublilee combo as a versatile piece.  Love mine, it was my gateway drug to this hobby ... 
 Yes, exposed brick and small number of beams.
  Since Pepsi is the topic of discussion (and something I've also been thinking about lately) can you give us a quick distinction between the 16750 & 16710? Thx in advance sir.
Does anybody here have links to well-done lofts?  (one story)   I am looking at a few but having a hard time figuring out what I would do design-wise -- especially in terms of dealing with the open floor plan and not turning the whole thing into too much of a man pad. 
 Personally I would like more Mazzarelli's - I haven't been as active in this thread as I once was so I don't know if this is planned or not but I love the 4 that I have and would love to double up.
 I'm way behind on this thread (good lord @ the frills shots of the ALS platinum and various Patek goodies) but here is a bit of advice if you are new to this thread: Unless you are extremely limited by budget be prepared to not stop kopping after you get a nice watch.  You will likely get hooked. It is a weakness most of us are afflicted with -- this thread will chew you up wearing a timex and spit you out with multiple Rolexes, a Speedy, a 15202 and a then you'll top if...
  Gorgeous but the date RUINS it.  Ugh.  Thanks, TWAT for making me realize things like this.
Happy Friday.     Prepping for a meeting with my accountant .... hope he has some good news     
New Posts  All Forums: