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That was my thought as well.
^ thanks.     Any mid-tier sushi recs?
 Is it just a japanese steakhouse? Help explain the draw, if you can. Also any other recs? Heading out in 2 nights.  Any mid-tier sushi recs??
 Gorgeous.  A friend has one as his daily driver and I constantly stare at it.  It is the epitome of elegant simplicity, IMO. 
 Yep -- I love mine.  And picked it up off the secondary market barely 'pre-owned' with box, papers, etc right in your price range.
 Brother @mimo, can you explain what you mean by this?  I'm just a guy yet to see one in the flesh ... Last few pages have been awesome ... @Belligero, frilly, the usual suspects at it again. 
 Don't really mess with him and remind him there's a discontinued 3572.50 with hesalite sandwich ......  
Where do we stand with the MTO sport coats? I am way behind. 
An oldie but goodie a few days ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 As one who gallivants with like-minded idiots, I want to see the PAM!   Reverso is lovely, btw. 
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