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For sale is an extremely rare flannel mohawk coat. The coat is in almost perfect condition as it has been worn less than 5 times and is bagged up in the summer, spring and fall. The coat is constructed of soft, grey heathered wool with a contrasting chocolate corduroy collar. The inside featues plaid lining and suede-trimmed pockets. The construction is also superb as the waistband in the back gives a slim silhouette. This jacket retailed at $1595. Definitely a beautiful...
No smalls or Xsmalls. Only medium and large
Very rare and very hard to find Ralph Lauren Quilted leather jacket. Amazing details from the houndstooth lining, to the tonal quilted shoulder and elbow patches. Corduroy lined collar and cuffs. Never worn as was bought before some weight loss taking me down to an XL.
Anyone know how this cardigan fits? I'm an XL but I was told I should purchase a large.
I know this is an old subject for the RRL thread, but does anyone know how the Deadstock Boss Chino's fit? Do I need to size down as they will stretch out? (ie APC's?) Or are they already slim enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to order a pair.
Has anyone ordered the RRL Slouch Sweatpants? The search for the perfect sweatpants continues, and being as though RRL gets just about everything else right, was wondering if anyone had any input on these. Thanks
Robert,   Do you know if the Indian Head Printed Fleece Shawl Cardigan will also be going on sale on the 11th? Any help you could provide woild be greatly appreciated. Was going to pull the trigger this week but if so, I can wait a few more days until the 11th.   Thanks,   P
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