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  Thanks for the comments Peacoat, I ended up buying one off ebay for USD82+shipping. Seems like a 1950s 38R peacoat by the tag. Seller gave a p2p of 21" which is way bigger than a normal 38R. I'm hoping he rounded up! If not I guess this will give me some space for a sweater, or i'll just have to feast more over Christmas to fill it up. I'm hoping it wont be too loose. Will post fit pics when it arrives. Seller pics below:       With regards to VT, I did email Gary...
Hi all,   I'm Alvin and I live in Singapore.   Lately I've developed an obsession towards shoes of all kinds, and I'm sure joining this forum will simply worsen my condition and my bank account.    Cheers!
hi everyone! Have been lurking around for sometime, and after reading all the informative posts here I'm looking to get a vintage peacoat of my own.   What do you guys think of the following from VT? I'm 5'09 with a 39' chest, I assuming a 38R would give me a snug fit.   1) http://www.vintagetrends.com/military/itemdetails.asp?YZ=A49EA4A58F8C92&RN=5&TR=80&SS=&MC=Military+Vintage&CA=Men&SC=Jackets%2FCoats&ST=Navy+Pea+Coat   2)...
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