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 How are you sure?
Wigens Loro Piana Storm System Cap, Black, Size M (57) Rich and very soft wool, with loro piana storm system, delivering three seasons of protection from wind and rain. More info at Amazon $50  
Supreme Ventile Bell Hat, Red, bnwt Weather resistant yet light and breathable. Perfect bucket hat for summer $50    
10sei0otto Leather Cashmere Hat AW13/14 bnwt, Black, One Size 100% Leather outer + 100% Cashmere inner. More info/pics at Daad Dantone, eBay $100  
Any reports on reactivating the water repellency with Granger's, Nikwax etc ?
Outlier Sun Shirt, Blue/White, Size XS — $120  $100  $80. An Outlier Summer Experiment (more pics), pivot sleeve, removeable hood/reversible scarf or stashed in rear mesh pocket, UV protection, may be worn as overshirt, Seersucker 55%Cotton|45% Polyester Japanese Fabric  
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 There is a Technical Clothing thread and a Proof NY thread. You don't help Proof NY not be seen as an Outlier clone by only posting news about them in the Outlier thread...
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