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Miriam Ponsa SS15          
The linen towel is a bit oversold: it's awesome as a beach towel as originally intended but meh as a bathing towel. It's also great as summer blanket; when the weather gets hot and humid I replace my cotton/wool blankets and throws with the large linen towel.   p.s. the Bathrobe is back in stock.
Devoa Cashmere Flight Beanie, Black, OS — $150
Rick Owens Merino Beanie, Grey, OS — $100
Nigel Cabourn x Converse Ventile Chuck Taylors. Navy 42 ($75), Nato Green 42.5 ($75), BNIB White 42.5 ($125). More info on the white, navy/green  
 Demand for Schoeller's fabrics have been going up though (many other buyers besides Outlier) and that could lead Schoeller to raise prices.
 How are you sure?
Wigens Loro Piana Storm System Cap, Black, Size M (57) Rich and very soft wool, with loro piana storm system, delivering three seasons of protection from wind and rain. More info at Amazon $50  
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