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^^ Interesting. Do they have any online stockists?
DS-KA3, Black, size S A short sleeve all-season Dryskin™ shirt with some very jacket-like qualities (engineered set-in shoulder uniform block, ambidextrous holster position pockets, integrated Shirtslingæ). More info at Acronym and Haven $150
Not too small. I just can't keep them all
No, only a few are used. The others are bnwt (Brand New With Tags) or Brand New Without Tags (bnwot) as indicated
 There can be interesting debates about value and quality but most of what it boils down to in this thread is just coded language about price points. It's supposed to be the Outlier thread but most of the posts are requests for cheaper substitutes. Disappointing really.
 The New Ways obviously aren't just Futureworks with a shorter inseam. The Futureworks are basically Nycos in FCloth. The New Ways are redesigned Three Ways. You're paying for Research & Development. Cut them some slacks  p.s.  Haven't you been complaining about their pricing for a while now?  
 No. Here's a positive one [Review] Outlier New Way Shorts (By Request)
@Grove, you give too little credit to how much work goes into making those boxy, blaring goretex hooded shells into a fashionable Veilance field jacket. Styling is R&D
A lot more R&D, and more expensive fabrics, are used for the Veilance line by Arc'teryx. It's just more optimized for specific functions/features as opposed to the mainline. The main advantages of an insulated shell compared to a separate hardshell+insulator lining is that the insulated shell fits better, movement is less restricted and it simply looks better. For example, last season's veilance insulated field jacket had variable amounts of insulation at various areas of...
J38-LP, Black, size S Precisely cut and form fitting coat made with 100% wool Doeskin Loro Piana Storm System fabric. More info at Acronym.    
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