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Lad Musician Ventile tapered pants, Beige, Size 44 — $100 100% Cotton pants with nanosphere finish. more info
Miriam Ponsa SS15          
The linen towel is a bit oversold: it's awesome as a beach towel as originally intended but meh as a bathing towel. It's also great as summer blanket; when the weather gets hot and humid I replace my cotton/wool blankets and throws with the large linen towel.   p.s. the Bathrobe is back in stock.
Devoa Cashmere Flight Beanie, Black, OS — $150
Rick Owens Merino Beanie, Grey, OS — $100
Nigel Cabourn x Converse Ventile Chuck Taylors. Navy 42 ($75), Nato Green 42.5 ($75), BNIB White 42.5 ($125). More info on the white, navy/green  
 Demand for Schoeller's fabrics have been going up though (many other buyers besides Outlier) and that could lead Schoeller to raise prices.
New Posts  All Forums: