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Brooks not in my size, any other suggestions?
I'm a slim guy and I need to buy a couple suits. I'm looking to buy a light grey and a navy one. I have a charcoal suit from j crew that I like but I wouldn't mind spending less than $700 on a nice suit if possible. I wear 36r with 30x32 pants. I'm 142 lbs and 5" 11 so I'm pretty small. Any suggestions? My budget is around $700 per suit
I wish I had the money to spend on clothes like most of you do but as a broke college student I'm in no such luck.   I've got at most $250 to spend on a peacoat.  I'm a huge fan of 3 button peacoats (6 buttons total) and I was looking for a gray one.  Anyone know of any solid places I could look?
What type of suit blends should I be looking for?
Shit,   I should spend more time on this site but it seems like some people on here spend a lot of money on things like winter shoes and I thought this suit looked pretty fashionable even if it is vintage.  Suits don't really change that much over time as far as I've seen but I could be wrong on that note  
Hey,   So I was on eBay and I saw a suit that I really liked and had my size.  After low balling how much he was asking for it, he accepted my offer and I'm now in the process of paying for it.  The thing is, I looked a bit into the company that made the suit and couldn't find anything on it and without knowing much about fashion, I really don't know if I got a decent deal on it or not.  Anyone have any advice on if I got a decent deal or not?  Thanks   Figured...
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