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Hi guys, Looking to buy my first pair of more casual shoes. Looking at the ranger moc in Nat cxl and clyder 2.0 in brown/olive. Which of the 3 colours would be best for a 1st pair? Leaning towards the clyder. Also, I'm a 9.5 in redwing 1907 but they're slightly tight. How should I size for the rancourts? Lastly, anywhere I can get the rancourts for cheaper? The official site is $40 for shipping to Asia..
guys, My first pair of raw denim; a pair of nudies is machine washed, too short and just disappointing for a pair thats a year old. should i ditch it and start on my apc ns?        
guys, i have a pair of nudies that's washed twice in a year, i washed it too early (5 months in irregular wear) and now the fade is subpar for a pair of jeans thats a year old. i was wondering should i continue with this pair or ditch it for a new pair of apcs ns?
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