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Shoulder measurement seem to be a bit off? I am a 50-52 and my shoulders measure 47 cm... any chance you made a mistake on the measurement?
looks good
Some measurements please. Esp shoulders. I am a 52 normally. But English sizes are sometimes big.
Size 34.. remind me.. what are the actual measurements for the waist?
I need to find this Herno-jacket:   Prefferably online in Europe. But any will do.   Any ideas??
I just wanted to chime in and let it be known that I am pretty dissapointed in my museum calfs. The creasings are too much and in odd places. Places where none of my other shoes crease in. It's on the sides and diagonal over the vamp. It's not normal. They did something wrong in the production and they should acknowledge this.  
I got the creases as well, not so much on the left as I got on the right one. I'm not too bothered with it, I did however got me a bit wary to continue order shoes from Meermin. They crease ALOT more then my others in the sam price-range: Loake and Cheaney.   I am still on the fence with Meermin from this experience. Too bad. I wonder what they did wrong to get this extra creasing on many of the MTO's.   Still a beutiful shoe.. but maybe it is time for me to move...
All I know is that my shoes got delivered today, and I pray that mine won't look like that after only 4 hours..
I didnt get a shipping confirmation on the museum-MTO. Should I be worried?  
    Thanks! Hadn't seen the herringbones ones before. I placed an order!
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