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grabbig some popcorn, sitting back, and waiting for the hilarity to ensue.
For the hell of it I just ordered one. I mean its only $39 bucks...what do I have to lose. When I get it, I will put in my 2 cents.
I have gotten a couple pairs of AE's on clearance for under $100. Also found a pair of hugo boss for under $100. Its hit or miss I think and depends on the location. My broter, who lives in Dallas, said that he's seen some high end designer shoes at a DSW there in the prada, miu miu and so forth.
Hi. did you get my PM? Thanks.
Pm sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by más_cerveza I'm jealous. Please tell me this is in NYC This is in Michigan.
This past week at 2 different TJ Maxx stores: Hickey Freeman made in Italy maroon/burgandy cords for $3 Polo distressed chinos (with paint stains and what not) for $20 Marc Jacobs sweatshirt for $40 ($150 retail). This particular TJ Maxx had a brand new shipment of Marc Jacobs stuff. There are a few more items that I am eyeing but will wait until they go on clearance and hope they are still around.
In the newest issue of GQ, I came across this pic and I liked the look: And in the new POLO ads, I have seen the collar pin as well: You really cant tell from the pic but its being used on a button down collar shirt (without the collar being buttoned down). Is there a rule as to what collars you can wear the pins with? Also I'd rather not poke a hole in all my collars so i'm thinking a collar bar like the one below is the way to go but I'm afraid that it may...
- Blank T-shirts (any colour): 10 or so - Jeans: 12 - Khakis: 5 or so if you only count khakis. All pants (excluding jeans), probably 40-50. - Sweaters: 10 tops - Dress Shirts: 50+ -Shoes: 20-25 (but I would say that I only wear less than 10 ...
you got pm.
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