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Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain I remember when you posted the score. It's a great watch. Thanks. I was bummed b/c it stopped running a couple days after I got it. I sent it back to the seller and supposedly it was fixed but ti stopped running after a day or so. So I took it to a reputable jeweler and spent about $150 to get it serviced. It's been running great ever since.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. PLEASE no smacking me around... But, LOOK at THIS new product over on KickStarter. Certainly NOT high fashion, but cool nonetheless: Not the best photo. Watch the video! SEE: LunaTik Watch The iPod Nano just snaps in. He's got 4,000 + backers and has ALREADY raised more than $300K. Wow! That is actually kinda cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Here: I saw those in the new Jcrew catalog. Almost ended up getting them but went with the Paraboots instead. Now if the Paraboots are on back order, like someone earlier mentioned, I may go with those.
Vintage Record Geneve...dont know much about this brand except that they were bought by Longines in the 60's or 70's I believe. An ebay score from last year...listed as being from the 30's-40's. Not sure if that's accurate or not...but I was looking for a nice looking vintage manual wind watch and this fit the bill.
Well I placed an order for the Paraboots today, in brown, through Pediwear. Quote: Originally Posted by cet2119 Pediwear is waiting for restocking the Avoriaz. According to the email they sent me, you will have to wait till mid January . Was this right after you placed the order? I placed my order earlier today and got an instant email confirming the order. But it also said that I would receive a follow up email with the expected...
Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp I've wasted most of the last week looking for a brown boot to wear for the winter, sub $300. I was initially set on leather sole, but I may end up with a thin rubber one (but no big chunky tread). I can't decide if I like brogue boots or not. I like the fact that they don't look like construction boots, but full broguing is busier then I like. On the other end of the spectrum, a completely plain toe looks a little...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Those Fracap's are sweet, had no idea they sold custom boots like that. I just recently got a pair of the special Danner Mountain Lights for Jcrew to be worn with heavy wool and cotton trousers as well. I just saw those in the new Jcrew catalog. How's the fit?
Hamilton Khaki Auto with NATO strap today.
Going with some bling today!
Quote: Originally Posted by The Gooch This^ as a close second to Vasque Skywalks made in Italy if you can find a pair. Best boots you will ever own. doing a search on ebay yielded: Vasque Skywalks Almost bought them until i realized that they are narrow.
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