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Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro THE SALE IS NOT OVER! I WILL HAVE IT IT EXTENDED. Maybe the code ran out. I dunno I will have it fixed. Medium sweats are gone. what size is your waist? Awesome. Just ordered another after dinner shirt!
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin just curious, what sort of pants do you wear those with? There was a post about wearing these with dressier pants in the MC forum a few weeks back. Here is a pic from the post: I probably wouldn't go that route...i just plan on wearing these with jeans/casual pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeisurii Just to verify, is the sale now over? The lists still show discounted prices but each item page is full price again [[SPOILER]] I actually had a couple shirts in my cart yesterday and it was still at the sales price...and I went to bed with plans to complete the transaction today! But it looks like the sale is indeed over.
I received my after dinner shirt today. The fabric is definitely soft...yet doesn't feel delicate...there is still some "heft" to it. Not that it's heavy...not sure what the best way to describe it. Bottom line is that it feels awesome. And it is an awesome fit for me. I will definitely be ordering more.
I just had these delivered today from Oki-ni: Paraboot Avoriaz in Red. Color is more like black cherry (like the redwing GTs). They are on sale right now but sizes are limited.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I apologize if this is not the place for this. Has anyone seen this: I love the Q&A Excuse my ignorance but what makes that particular watch so special?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS You may leave the double monks to the older dressers. Gladly. Quote: Originally Posted by RSS older -- and better -- dressers. Everything in this world is relative.
Personally I cant get behind whole cuts: Whenever I see it, it reminds me of a really crude/rough stitch job after surgery or something. Also double monks. I'm like regular/single monks. But double monks just doesn't look right to me: reminds me of double velcro shoes I used to wear as a kid.
My parents own a dry cleaners....and we are Korean. Who would have thunk it??? They both started receiving social security in about a year ago...but they are still going strong, running their business every day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Ultimate n00b question: can anyone recommend a good Excel tutorial (online or maybe downloadable)? I only know the basics and want to learn more. I just took an excel class in b-school. this is the book hat was used. Microsoft Excel 2007, Comprehensive," ISBN-13: 978-1-4239-0585-1 This book covers the material that is tested in the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel certification. It covers all the...
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