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Quote: Originally Posted by wangvicous A dainite sole is the greatest thing ever for that. No. danite soles suck in the snow. They are fine for very light snow...but when there is ice, or wet/slushy snow, its like wearing ice skates.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Wow....seriously? People are finding RLPL in Marshalls?! The nicest stuff I've seen in Marshalls around here (even the one near the high-end shops) is H Hilfiger I've found a RLPL cashmere sweater about 3 yrs ago at TJ Maxx. At the same TJ Maxx, I scored a RLBL sweater about a yr later. Other than that these, I've never come across anything remotely close at any TJ Maxx or Marshalls stores.
So tempted to get these: Danner for J Crew They are on sale for $268 (from $299). and with the add;l 25%, you are down to $200. I would snatch them up in a heartbest had I not bought the paraboot avoriaz boots 2 weeks ago. But still so I need another paid of hiking boots??
Why do you want to come across as a 25 yr old? Why not 24? or 26? And just for my benefit, what is the difference in the look of a 22 yr old and a 25 yr old?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane except that pic isn't a good representation of stacking. Can you find a good example? Not being sarcastic or anything like that. Its just that every stacking I've seen are like the pic posted earlier...and it never fails to remind me of leg warmers.
Whenever I see stacking, it never fails to remind me of 80's leg warmers: On girls, it's fine. On guys, it looks retarded (IMHO). Have them hemmed to the correct length. Or minimal cuff.
I tried to get in on the danner F&F sale. But the web site kept crashing. And when I tried to order the next day, the code was expired. Pediwear is back ordered on the paraboot. But I managed to snag a pair through Oki-Ni in red. I received them a few days ago and cant wait to wear them once we get some snow.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Nah, they should shrink much at all. The over dye process should have taken care of 99% of the shrinkage. I am telling you guys and I am sure ( I hope) the AD shirt buyers will agree it's still a slim fitting shirt. Best, Mauro I concur that the AD is still fairly slim fitting. I own one in XL. And here are some comparisons to other shirts that I own. Ralph Lauren custom fit 16/33: Very similar in fit...
Just ordered another AD shirt. 3rd in the last couple weeks. Trying a L this time (though XL does fit well, I want it to be just a tad more fitted around the waist). Mauro, will these shirts shrink if washed in warm/hot water?
If you want something on the more causal side, how about rubber soled (gasp!) ferragamo or Tods? I have a few pairs of each and they are by far the most comfortable shoes that I own. I've sold off most of my "high end" shoes (Alden, Trickers, Lobbs...) b/c I never wore them in favor of my ferragamos/Tods.
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