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I remamber aspiring to dress like this when i was in jr high...and just being in awe of high school kids who were dressed this way.
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS Just return them cause the forum will soon be flooded with them for way less then what you are asking for them. I paid $198.86 for them after tax b/c I had a coupon code. The coupon was 30% off sales items with free shipping. These are heavy and shipping will cost around $15-$20. I am not looking to make any money...just to cover costs. So unless people are looking to take a loss, I highly doubt that...
Got these last week. Wore them around the house and out to get my mail. Decided they are too big. They are 9H, which is equivalent to 9.5D. They are on sale at for $268 but are pretty much sold out save for a few larger sizes. Danner for JCrew Asking $225 shipped in the CONUS. They are basically brand new. If they dont sell in a day or so, I will just return them. Thanks!
I've owned a couple purple label shirts and i find them to be very "blousy". I ended up donating them after a couple wears. If you like slimmer/fitted shirts like I do, stay away from purple label.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl i like these. If they had them in size 9, they would be mine!
cool read. but these stories always seem to have the opposite effect then its intended to. a young kid in college reading this will probably day dream of how cool the "life" can be...focus on the money, buying cool stuff, being the "big man" at parties, etc...and conveniently disregard the real message that the story is trying to convey.
I had a pair of Alden Cigar Shell Chukkas. I never wore them in the rain or snow (I live in MI BTW)...nor any leather soled shoes for that matter. Not sure what your style is...but there is another thread discussing hiking boots on the front page that has good options for trekking through the snow.
When you say "cold weather", will you be wearing them in snow/slush? If so, leather soles arent exactly the best choice.
I've worn these for a couple weeks now and I can say they are great boots. Pediwear was back ordered...but I managed to get the pair above from Oki-ni (not my pic). I also just received the J Crew Danners today. Took advantage of the 30% off sales items last week...and the danners were on sale from $299 to $268 I believe. So with the 30% off, i managed to get them ofr under $200. I havent worn them out yet...just tried them on. they are definitely...
Quote: Originally Posted by softy I agree with vicious wang. Dainite is fine in a city-- if you want to not slip on ice, you're going to have to wear metal cleats. I live in MI and we get a decent amt of snow. I have 3-4 pairs of shoes with danite soles and like I posted earlier, they are fine in light snow. But when there is any decent amt of accumulation, or slush, they slip like crazy. I bought 2 boots for the winter. #1: Paraboot...
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