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Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto Yes, when the conversation goes that far (very infrequently), I say "BTW, they are over X years old". Gives it a bit of context. I used to wear shoes out in 6 months to a year. Yep. And from these convos, it's led to why I spend so much more than the average person on shoes, talk about the construction, etc...and as long as I dont come across as condensing, ppl aer very receptive. I've led more than a few...
The majority of the population never heard of C&J, Vass, Lobb, a posted stated earlier. And even more would cringe at the thought of spending more than $100 on a pair of shoes. I get asked this often at work, where kenneth coles are considered the epitome of high end shoes. I just say they are "brand X"...if I get a puzzled look, i just say most ppl probably aren't familiar with them. They are made in "country of origin" and leave it at that. Some will dig...
Quote: Originally Posted by triumphman how does the sizing run on the rw beckhams...pls pm me. If i may add my opinion...I have the exact same pair in 9's. I originally bought them in 8.5D b/c the general consensus was they ran 1/2 size big. While the length was fine, I found them too narrow and only could wear them comfortably with the thinnest socks. So I sold them and got the 9's. I think they run maybe 1/4 size big.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe Just tried that and got the expired notice again. Is CHRISTMAS10 still working for you this evening? I just tried it and it says expired.
For those who cant get the code to work...have you tried logging out and logging back into your acct? I did this when I ordered a few days ago after it kept saying the code was expired and got it to work. And my order was shipped a couple days after the order was placed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ligament Sleeve Length: Should be able to move arms in ANY direction without sleeves restricting movement and pulling cuff up away from hand. Isnt this more a function of the height of the arm holes than the actual length of the sleeves? With my slim fitting shirts (like Thom Browne), i can move my arms around in all and any direction and the length stays pretty consistent, except in extreme cases like when I...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Haha the seller outed an "off eBay" buy offer I've accidentally outed an "off ebay" offer many times in the past, usually by mistake. I always forget to uncheck the box so that the question/answer doenst display in the listing.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Your prefer throwing $1000 down the toilet?
Just worked for me as well. It worked last night....but I never checked out. Then today, when I went to add more items, it indicated that the code expired. So I logged out of my acct, logged back in, and it worked again. So I picked up 2 Tomas Maier cotton/cashmere t shirts, and 2 Tomas Maier cotton/cashmere polos...all for $140 shipped!
It worked last night...but I never checked out. Then i went back today to add some more items and it says the code is expired.
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