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Hmm...the listing has been changed now. BIN is now $950.
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 How does this sound??? self-molding cork midsole for a custom feel. Also I would like y'all opinons? Which look sharper? http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3094153?...6#reviewAnchor Too be negative about the price is kind of silly IMHO. Their regular price is $325-345. I got them about 30-40% off. IMHO, gauging whether you paid a good price or not by percent off retail is silly. You paid $250...ok...
Sometimes I dont understand all the ebay hate. Like Spoo stated earlier...the chance to sell items that otherwise would take up closet space, donated, thrown away, etc..is worth the 11% in my humble opinion. I see ppl sell items on here at a huge discount, with a statement like "i dont want to use ebay", even though the item could sell for double the price. Not that I mind...but it seems like some people have this unreasonable hatred for ebay when it doesnt seem...
Tods bag for a buck BIN is $1 for this bag. Yet check out the shipping cost. Looking at the seller's feedback, this seems to be his regular MO. I am assuming ppl do this to avoid paying outrageous ebay fees. But I cant believe that ebay would allow this??
Quote: Originally Posted by Richard Pryor You've never done that before? I personally have not. It's dishonest...and just a dick move. The longest I've worn something and returned it was for like 5 mins. I tried it on, walked around the house, looked at a couple mirrors, decided I didnt like it, and returned it. Are you planning on wearing the sweater with the tags attached or something? Can you even return items if the tags are off?
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone I've tried them. Designed to look like a tire pressure gauge and fits on the wrist like a tire pressure gauge. The style is somewhat interesting, but the execution is not. Nothing great about the fit or finish and way over-priced. $2,500 buys a nice Omega. Or, this for about $500: That looks really nice. very simple, yet it has its own elegance.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 If you like that kind of look, go with an Ikepod. Hmmm...just googled Ikepod. Definitely some interesting designs:
I saw this in a mag a couple yrs back and thought it looked very cool. Very understated, yet gaudy at the same time. Looks like one can be had for around $2500 new. What's the word on these? Is it a respected brand within the watch snob community?
A cucinelli vest was a "grail" piece for me for a while. I picked one up from ebay a couple yrs ago at a great price. It was a med and unfortunately it was too snug so i ended up selling it on here for under $200 IIRC. I have one vest/gillet now...it is a Thom Browne X Moncler gamme blue.
Anyone have any experience with them? Do they run large? Thanks for any input anyone may have.
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