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Here is my vintage Tiffany's diver on a NATO: I also have this Hamilton on a NATO as well: I think "sporty" watches like divers and chronos look good on NATOs.
I have the paraboot avoriaz in red: http://4m.scene7.com/is/image/4m/par...neering%20Boot I wear them regularly. They are very comfortable and after a few wears, they literally felt like they molded around by foot.
I like the Gant one. Gilt had a gant sale last week and they were selling for $140 I think. I was too late to snag one.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Ross, right? I'm applying. Havent checked this thread in a while! Yep its Ross. Good luck with your application!
I recently bought a pair from Bareney's online sale. Quality I think is top notch. Like others have said, they have a higher rise than most pants/jeans that I own.
Just received another shirt today. I already have 3 after dinner shirts already...tried the before dinner this time around b/c i wanted something with higher arm holes (a la thom browne) and the fit is perfect. So I placed another order for yet another before dinner shirt.
you got PM!
I just checked my moncler gamme bleu vest...and my zippers are riri.
Quote: Originally Posted by dirtyturk if you are going to get a GM, get a contagiri, the only semi-original watch they have. http://www.giulianomazzuoli.com/orol...n-acciaio.html these guys are more serious on the movements but still ETA, you might like them http://www.meccanicheveloci.it/ Thanks for the suggestions. The contagiri is very nice.
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