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Wow. those winter jackets are top notch. Almost wish that winter would last longer so I can buy one! Thankfully they are too small.
I decided to consolidate my watch collection. Selling them (as well as other items) here: Cheap plug for items I'm selling!! I think I have narrowed it down to these 3. Rolex Explorer II Rolex Vintage Submariner Breitling Superocean Heritage Pros and cons? I am leaning towards the explorer. I think it looks great with a Nato strap and isn't as prevalent as the submariner. But the submariner is a timeless classic. The breitling is a lot "gaudier"...
I too skip these auctions. I do think that these sellers are banking on the fact that someone will just click BIN and pay anyways. There was a seller from near where I live that did this. I said that I would buy it and then come pick it up. never did get a response.
Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle I'm all for having a beater watch like that, but all Steinharts are just shitty knockoffs of much more expensive watches, which just make the wearer look like a douche. If you want to drop a few hundred on a good beater, go for a Seiko or Hamilton. This. I personally find "homage" watches to be very tacky, almost as bad as replicas. But this is just me.
Check out some of the items I have listed. All no reserve. A couple Cucinelli items, a Borrelli sweater, shoes, and some watches. My stuff on ebay
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Anyone get the email for 9D? Yep. I posted about FD-405 (older style indys i believe??) for $289 in the PSA thread. Only other ones that could be of interest here are: FD-1494; Tan suede chukkas on leydon last: $289 FD-1684: Tan monkstraps in tan (whiskey??) shell on aberdeen: $389 FD-2145: #8 shell cap toe brogues?? on aberdeen: $389 FD-2450: #8 shell NST on barrie: $389 FD-2451: same as...
Alden Indys for $289?? I get periodic emails from about alden irregulars for size 9. in todays list, it has model # FD-405 for $289. I believe that these are the older style of indy boots? I actually just bought a pair of Tod's boots that look very similar...had I not gotten the Tods, I would definitely pick up the Indy's. You cant buy the irregulars via the website. You have to call them directly at 888-850-7463. And you have to reference the model #.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy very nice. they absolutely don't make heuers like they used to. Thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to hunt down a OEM replacement bezel since the one on it currently is a little beat up. Now I'm on the prowl for a nice vintage Seamaster like: I'm going to have to make a decision or clothes. Cant afford both!
Heuer 1000 Dive watch (from pre tag days). Got the watch last week. Got the Bond Nato strap today. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic:
My newest acquisition: Not my pic since I dont have the watch yet. It is from the original posting from timezone. As soon as I get it, I will be swapping out the strap for this:
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