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Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley Personally I also liked the style as a contrast to heavier English shoes, and they are really comfortable and light, like wearing a glove. My last 2 purchases have been ferragamos (I have 3 total)...loafers, derby/lace ups, and chelsea boots. They are all rubber soled (GASP!!) and they are probably the most comfortable of all my shoes. I have/had English shoes (C&J, trickers, etc...) and I just...
I've listed some shoes on ebay...but these shoes in particular are popular here. I am willing to cancel the auction if any members here would like to buy them. Alden Cigar Shell Chukka, 9D. Asking $375 shipped. GONE! Alden Cigar Shell Chukkas Vintage Nettleton Scotch grain longwings. Marked 7EEE, will work for 8.5D. Bought these as NOS a couple years back. Only worn a couple times since then. Asking $150 shipped Nettleton Longwings Trickers for Ted Baker Tan Brogues in...
The HR people at my company I think are absolutely useless...they are a complete waste of space and resources. HR at my company doesn't get involved in recruiting/hiring...we have a separate team for that. Nor do they deal with benefits...we have the benefits team for that as well. The 2 HR people at my site just sit in their offices all day on the internet, dating sites, facebooks, etc...except for when they go out for their daily 2 hour lunches.
I just checked today and i noticed some items that were supposedly sold out before were available. So I picked up a pair of the Calvin Klein collection loafers for $88.
Tiffany's vintage diver that i won from ebay a little over a week back. Supposedly it was NOS and it looked that way when i received it. replaced the strap with a NATO one. Does anyone know who made/makes watches for tiffany's?
smooth transaction with harryx2. even though he was an international seller, shipped promptly and got my shoes in a little over 10 days. great seller. thanks.
I have these. I think they run 1/4 big, not 1/2 like most people say. I am a 9D...i got these in 8.5 and i have to wear thinner socks to wear these comfortably.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 I was just reading about this and can't recall who made them. As I recall it was a high-end maker. What'd it set you back? BIN was $750 with best offer option. Went back and forth a couple times and settled on $525 shipped.
Just won this off ebay. I was looking for a diver...was gonna get a seiko but came across this. (not my pic). I will probably replace the strap with a NATO one. Supposedly NOS. Don't know anything about Tiffany's watches except they can be very expensive. I'm assuming they are a "fashion" watch like Gucci and the like. Can anyone comment on their quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran dshin...actually not the case. Getting into PE post-MBA pretty much requires pre-MBA wall street experience. However, ex-bankers have in general little to no advantage in getting a VC job over folks with deep industry experience before joining B School. Broadly there are 3 industries that have most venture activity - healthcare / life sciences, tech, and now cleantech (sort of overlaps with tech in case its...
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