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Quote: Originally Posted by enginerd917 LL Bean duck boots /thread I almost bought a pair of the duck boots a couple weeks back. But decided against it b/c I want to be able to wear these boots to work as well (business casual environment....I go to school and work).
Quote: Originally Posted by caldervale I am really liking this pair. I think i may have found the ones I am going to get.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry To the OP, get yourself a pair of those 6-inch Timberland light weight hikers with GoreTex. Practicality outweights being stylish. While I agree with this sentiment...lets be honest. We wouldn't have joined this forum if being stylish wasn't high in our list of priorities when it comes to all things style related. I actually still have a pair of TImberlands with Goretex what I bought in HS (1994). I...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Cool - I would imagine these being more of a hassle than anything for everyday wear but it's your feet. Didn't realize uni campuses could get that rough in Michigan, we regularly get 3+ inches of snow during the winter. And when its bad, 5-10 is not uncommon. And when it stops is when walking around gets worse. Snow is plowed/piled up against the sidewalks, you get a lot of slush many inches deep, etc...
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbat Hello there fellow Wolverine. (Not a Spartan are you!?) I was just visiting last weekend and brought my 1000 mile boots with me. Paired with a pair of J Crew Camp socks my feet were the warmest and comfiest part of my body. Plus it looks infinitely more stylish than the hiking boots. Look into them if you haven't yet. Go Blue! If I was a Spartan, i would keep that info private! What school are you at?...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 To walk around his university campus? Really? Granted I am not going be trekking through mountain passage. But i will be doing a fair amount of walking at times. And I want something comfortable and waterproof...and high quality hiking boots fit the bill.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Limmer boots. The ones they offer off the shelf versus a custom. Not bad either. http://turnings.files.wordpress.com/...pg?w=598&h=268 Are they available directly through the manufacturer? Their site doesnt seem to have much info, like pricing.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Danner Mountain Lights go for $250. I like these a lot! Guess they are some kind of collab and only available via japan. Like these as well...but cant seem to find them in any other color. Ideally would like them in reddish-brown.
Michigan Winters Suck. And since I'm going to do a fair amount of walking on campus for classes, I want a pair that are comfortable, warm, and water proof. I almost pulled the tripper on these today (after seeing a pic of them on this forum): Paraboot Avoriaz. Cheapest I've been after to find these was at Pediwear for $365. Before I pull the trigger though, I would like to get your opinions on some alternatives in a similar price range. Another pair that...
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen Bump for price increase? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=199898
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